Team Cockamamie Ri3D Shop Live Stream
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(The image will turn 90 deg after a few seconds.)

We’re currently live with our 24/3 stream of our Ri3D build here in Columbia, SC. We are considering scheduling live Q/A sessions of our process if there is enough interest later through the stream.

Soon to be discussed live on Stream our Trello Brainstorming board. We made it public so everyone can see what we are thinking!

Stream went down and now has a new Link!!
Today’s Ri3D Stream!

Our Day 1 video is uploading now to YouTube. If it errors, we’ll go again in the morning–20 hours pretty much wide open is enough excitement for one day!

Ryan has also been working on LabVIEW support for the REV Digit board, which you can see over here. Get some sleep!

Today’s Stream! Today’s Ri3D Stream!

Our Day 2 video is uploading now:

Ryan uploaded the revised REV Digit code for LabVIEW here:

Tune in tomorrow as our plans get more and more [strike]cockamamie[/strike] close to completion!

Video is private

Fixed. Apparently, I forgot to click the Publish button before I went to bed and let it run. It’s been a long weekend!

Going to give this a try today. Check out our final day of Ri3D build madness on Twitch!! This way if you have a question and we see it on our screen we might actually answer it live on stream!!

Don’t ask me how we pulled this off, but we kinda totally pulled this one off.

This robot is a packaging nightmare–after we wired it up late last night, we added an arm to make the portcullis and cheval de frise possible. We had already stuffed four REV Sparks deep in the bowels of the robot (to the point you can’t really see them in the video–sorry, Greg!), then Victor SPs elsewhere…and all we had left available for the new arm was a Victor 888. If you’re wondering why you see one floating up there on a piece of angle, it’s because there was literally no other valid option. (It also meant my GoPro took a few whacks shooting this video!)

We’ll be keeping this robot around for demos and driver practice, so ask us anything you please about it and we’ll answer. Thank you to USC (and the machine shop staff in particular), AndyMark, REV, and Competition Robot Parts for making this build possible!

I recommend we try to use GoPro’s integration with Twitter’s Periscopeso that we can have a seamless live streaming in the future!

That feature was not available when we did our build. We will consider using it for the future seasons.

What was the overall ratio of the Cim Sport and sprockets?

35:1 on the CIM Sport.

15:60 sprocket reduction.

I actually am too lazy to make a new thread.

2017 Reveal “Definitely Not Plywood”

Discussion and details video. You should watch this to learn more…

To split hairs: the CIM Sport is 36:1. :slight_smile: