Team Colors

What are the most and least common team colors? what’s your team color?? Are there any colors that havnt been taken by a team:ahh:? I wanna hear some colors!!!

Green (and White)

Black, white, red, and gold. But why this is in the Java subforum is the real question. :confused:

I would say the most common colours are Red and Black. Our colours are our school colours, orange and blue, but most people notice us as an Orange team, mainly because of our Bright orange Jersey’s that we have had for a while :slight_smile:


Most common: Red, Black, Blue, Yellow

lol reason this is in Java? I have no idea how that happened. It is summer time for sure…hahah:D

Ours are also blue and orange, except we’re more known for being blue (a darker sort of blue)

I feel like the most common colors I’ve seen are black, blue, red and green.

Purple and white for us – though our school colors are green and white.

There aren’t that many purple teams out there, and given Wildstang’s colors, I rather doubt there’s any unused color!

We have bright yellow as our color. It is easy to see in a crowd.

Our team colors are Black and orange. Those are our school colors and it seemed to fit because Tigers are our mascot. We are also known for our drive team wearing bright orange dickies; I think the MC in 2008 at Colorado coined our drive team the chain gang because of the resemblance to jail color pants.

Blue, Green, and Silver for us. Mostly the silver for the cow boy hats we wear around (and occasionally give out!)

Our colors are dark blue, Golden, Green and black. There aren’t that many teams with pink as their color, same with purple.

green and white are your colors or the least used?

what would you say is the least used?

I believe 610 uses green and white.

We use either black on yellow, or yellow on black depending on what we vote that year.

I never see much pink or brown or other colors that have red, but not yellow or blue in them

what would you say is the **least **used color?

Royal Blue and Orange, although those seem to be fairly common. I haven’t seen many teams use colors like Forest Green, Burgundy, or Silver/Gray

Black and Yellow (Well gold, but still…)

I know that these are two commonly used colors, but they are school colors so we go with them.

You’re right, 610’s team colours are green and white.

Our team colors are garnet and black, drawn from our lead sponsor: the University of South Carolina. Yellow and white have also been used as accents over the years, and gray was used as part of an all-black-everything motif this year (as a one-year thing).