Team Communication at CMP

This is a problem that im guessing most if not all Canadian (or other countries besides USA) teams have a problem with at chanpionships. When at championship teams must communicate, like people in the pits to the people in the stands. If someone is needed in the pits and are in the stands they obviosly need to be contacted somehow. American teams have their cellphones and they can easily get a hold of eachother, however our team cannot get cell service while in the USA. What other ways can teams keep in contact? We dont always want to send a runner to the stands and wait 20 minutes for them to get back (atleast that was true in atlanta). Are the pits and dome far from eachother like in atlanta??

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Just off the top of my head, is there any reason that walkie talkies wouldn’t work?

As a matter of fact, there is.

4.15 Site Restrictions
Please read the following common site restrictions and adhere to them in order to promote an orderly, safe, pleasant and exciting competition. Please refer to Section 4.2 of this manual section for additional site restrictions at your event.

  • Do not use walkie-talkies.
    This is from the Administrative Manual.

You could try working with another team whose cell phones work to see if they can call to the stands for you. It’s also only about 5 minutes from dome to pits, not counting time going around the perimeter (less time than Atlanta, IIRC).

If you have an un-lock cell phone that uses SIM card you can buy a pre-paid sim card for around ~20 dollars and buy the minimum about of minutes. I forget if the phone has to be one of those GSM international phones.

I went to Queens University, so I had a ATandT 1st gen iPhone I bought before Rogers got them. I unlocked it and used a Rogers sim card with it no problem, so I guess I could have used both the ATandT and Rogers sims if I was going back and forth between Canada and the States but alas I was a student that needed to save money.

I am sure there are teams going to champs with old phones they can lend to you. If I was going, I would scrounge around for that old iPhone.

Buy a few cheap prepaid cell phones in the US for key people; a basic phone with a 60-minute prepaid card can be as cheap as $20.

I’ll look into the prepaid cellphones.

Does anyone know if there will be wifi at the dome and pits? We should be able to contact eachother if so.

Don’t count on it.