Team Communication: Slack?

Hey, I was wondering if any of you know if the free version of Slack is any good for prolonged use for our team. If it is, it would be a great resource, but our team has a small budget, so we can’t afford the paid versions.

I’ve used the free version of slack, and have never found it limiting.

Our team has a slack, but we just weren’t able to get people to use it. If you think you can push your members to actually use it, then I’d recommend giving it a shot.

The free version has more features then you will ever need. Our team is very active with it. Highly recommended.

Our team has been using the free version this year, and it’s worked great. The only real limitation is how many messages are saved - the free version only saves the 10 thousand most recent ones.

We currently use a service called wiggio, which is similar, and we do get people to use it, but it limits in that we can’t split into different groups to discuss.
Wiggio does offer us one major plus though: we can do polls.

Does slack do this? I think this is a necessity for our team.

GameSense uses the free version. If you’re a registered nonprofit organization, you can get the paid version for free.

Yes. I know there is an plugin/integration that is easy to add that lets you do polls.

Edit: The poll system is called Subcurrent, and can be found in the “Apps & Custom Integrations” section

Really? On my old team I emailed Slack support about this and they classified our team as an educational institution and instead gave us a discount, not free though. If anyone else was successful in getting it free, let me know via PM.

Did you register as a nonprofit?

Yes. They had 501©(3) status as a 4-H club.

Then I would try again. 319 is a registered 501©(3) organization and was given access to the paid features.

Same. I love slack but I couldn’t get anyone on the team to use it.

Slack is great. All members of our team use it. The integration for GitHub and Google Drive are super useful.
If you are having trouble getting your team to use slack, just give them access to setting the ohrases for slackbot. Yout phone will blow up, but you’ll get your slack participation.

I’m on an Formula SAE team in college now, And can confirm Slack is fantastic for team communication. Even if you meet every day it allows for constant flow of ideas and keeping everyone in the loop.

Our team started this year, and we mainly started with just coaches, mentors, and leads, but during built season we expanded to letting the whole team on. A useful feature if you want to let people on to keep them updated, but don’t want them to talk on the channels is on slack, but that’s the paid version. The free version is pretty comprehensive though. You can make private channels, direct message, and connect slack to other apps, so it’ll interact with google calander, Github, and other useful team organization apps. Our biz team made a podcast in cooperation with other teams on slack and how its being used. here’s the link if you’re interested.

It’s great though, just had to give a hard push to get the team to use it. We now chat everyday on slack in multiple different channals

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