Team Communications options

Seems like our school will be blocking access to discord. I get why, but our team was in the process of developing a great server. What other options to teams use? I am aware of slack, but what else out there that folks who are familiar with discord can seamlessly navigate to? Thanks!

talking, throwing paper note planes, carrier pigeon, pony express, FedEX, UPS, morse code, smoke signals, flags… all sorts of options to communicate!

Slack is probably the best option for you. Unless you want to get an IRC server.


+1 for Slack, unless that’s blocked too.

Pandamaniacs are fond of GroupMe, since SMS and web are an option. But that makes it a little tougher to have multiple channels going.

Microsoft teams provides for a great communication platform in a non traditional method. It provides for easier topic conversation then traditional thread options and makes it easier for people to find info they need.

Plus, it combines nicely with the rest of the of Microsoft sweet.


Have you thought about using a forum?

Our team uses phpBB. Though I would not recommend it for other teams at this point. The phpBB forum software is a bit dated and the available plugins leave much to be desired. Discourse(what CD runs) is much better. I’d suggest using discourse if a team was looking to use a forum as the basis for their communication.

This would be a big leap for a team going from a free service to a payed service.

Although that might be possible for larger teams…

How much is Discourse anyway?

I’ve never looked into it, but a quick google search got me this:

You can also self host the forum software. That’s what we do with our phpBB forum.

Looks like a lot, but there seems to also be an 85% discount for educational institutions, so that’s a plus.

We used WhatsApp before switching to Slack. It was good, especially at events where most people only had their phones. It solved a lot of the issues with SMS when android and iPhones are mixed. If you can’t do slack, WhatsApp may give you a lot of what you need.

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Definitely slack. It has a similar interface to Discord and mostly the same feature set. (Minus voice chat + a universal dark theme, sort of)

They have a free option that limits the amount of messages that is saved, and the amount of addons that you can have. It is still much more than many FRC teams need.

Another option is Mattermost, which is a literal carbon copy of slack. Mattermost can be self hosted for free giving the option for unlimited addons/messages.

Something I personally have been messing with is band…it’s similar to slack in some aspects. Right now, I know some teams variate between Remind, Slack, Google Hangouts, even just a straight up group chat.

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We use BaseCamp3. It is fantastic.

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I recently discovered Slack actually does have a dark mode and it made it 10x better

We use telegram and it is great

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Our team uses Mattermost as our main platform and Discord at home to screenshare/voice chat when CADding or programming. Since one of our mentors is the sysadmin for the school, we simply self host it on our school’s servers and that allows us to do basically whatever we want with it. So far we have Github, Clickup (a project manager), and Twitter/RSS bots in it, and it all works great for us.

Our team uses an app called Band. It has all the features that we are looking for: a way to post announcements, multiple chats for different subteams, the members, the mentors, and there is a mobile app and a website. This way, we can communicate effectively and everyone has access.

Here is the link:

My team is trying to decide between Discord, Slack and Zulip. Zulip handles threads unlike any other chat application I have found. It has Streams which are like Channels in Slack and Discord but you create Topics under each Stream which are similar to email threads but feel lighter weight.

Zulip is missing some features and UI design that Slack has though.

Zulip is open source. The zulip website will host it for free but see the pricing page for details on how many messages you can search and other limitations. You can pay per user per month to get all the features hosted or host it your self.

Wow, consider yourself lucky!

If you don’t go with Slack, I’ve heard good things about Band as well. I would definitely check out both.

We use Google Apps (for nonprofits) for all communications regarding the club. Members are issued a Google account on our domain and we use Google Groups groups as mailing lists. This also gives us access to Google Drive for document storage and Google Calendar for event scheduling/collecting RSVPs.

This was the solution we chose as we need to communicate to all of our members and members’ parents across all our programs (FLL, FTC, FRC). We also use Hangouts Meet for online conferences.

This means we can have “non-domain” addresses on our email lists but restrict posting permissions, as well as there not being any age restrictions as we administrate it ourselves.

We can also use Google’s OAuth (I think) to login to other applications (like our website).

We basically use the Google suite as well, but email IS NOT working well for our students. They are just not acclimated to using it. Is there a Google tool that we should be considering as the alternative? Text is king.