Team Data

hi, I’m making a book of data for the Pacific Northwest Regional complete with pictures, team information and everything else needed for a basic scout on any team. With any luck I’ll be able to give every team a copy or two. I also hope to make one for the championships (even though we won’t go unless we win) if I get the time. Anybody who would be willing to lend me a hand making either please tell me. Also anybody who wants to make their own booklet I’ll be happy to give you a copy of the basic sheet we customize for each team either in a Microsoft publisher format or in word (I’ve saved it in three formats at in one so it does 95 97 and 2000. Macs get along with 95 and Linux can have fun with WINE.) Its a one page sheet and somehow the font wound up still being readable despite the fact that there is a lot on the page. For now could each team please answer the following questions? Even if you are not going to the pacific northwest regional or the championships please post here anyway because if another team plans to make one for their regional it would be easier to keep this all in one thread. I know somebody is going to post saying that teams are not usually completely honest or realistic in the comparisons of their robots so that is why there will also be areas for looking at actual numbers as seen against claimed numbers. Any questions you think should be added? Please PM me if so.

(if any answer is not applicable just say so. Answer as much as you know off the top of your head and hopefully a teammate will fill in for you where you don’t know something. If your team has asked you not to share some things yet that is also ok but fill out what you can.)

Team number
Team name
Robot name
Regionals you have been to/will be attending
Are you planning to go to championships? (winners of other regionals included)

Short description of your drive train
Short description of your box lifter
Short description of your box rotator
Short description of your bridge guard
Short description of your plow
Short description of your frame
Easy ways to tell your robot apart (colors etc)

A link to a picture of your robot in its most recent form you have. It is also helpful if it shows the whole robot.

Do your drivers alternate?
Do you have trained human players?
Can your human players stack 8 in 10 seconds?

Time to top of the ramp:
Data input source (line tracker, dead reckoning by seconds, dead reckoning by piece of robot)
Number of box stacks your box seeker finds in 15 seconds:
Level at which seeker “looks” (in boxes):

Level where it hits (in boxes):
Number of columns hit:
Time to set up and hit:

How high do you stack in 1:45?
How many stacks?
How often does a stack you put down stay upright?

How much does it cover? (Top ____ ft, all top, all top one alley, all top two alleys)

Extends ___ seconds
Columns hit:
Level where hit:
Width when extended:

CLEARING BAR (which of the following)
Never does
Starts up, down =____ seconds
Expands, down again = ____ seconds
Expands, doesn’t go down again
Falls to make 5 by 3 foot base = _____ second fall
Always under

Is it top heavy?
Traction 1-10
Is your robot in weight?
What is your most breakable part?

Don’t want to post it here? Some teams have PMed me instead which works too.

Thanks a ton

ok the booklet is together, altogether not bad for a first year of trying. Can I get permission to put a microsoft publisher file up please?

Also note: the last four questions in the “Other” area are cut. There was no room for them on the data sheet and still have it be a decent font size. I’m still working on that book for the championships so keep sending team stuff.

Upload it to the white papers section.

I can’t wait to see what you have. We should be putting together something like this next year.

or you could zip it then attach it :slight_smile: (that’s what i do with my php files)

whatever you do, please do post it… I’d like to see how it turned out.