Team Dave 3683 Robot Reveal: Copperfield

Team 3683 - Team Dave proudly presents our 2018 robot: Copperfield

Robot Reveal Video:

Technical specs on Copperfield include:
4 CIM, 4 colson 2 omni, 5ft/sec low, 16 ft/sec high Tank drive
McMaster-Carr rollers and surgical tubing Intake can pick up cubes at wide angles
Cascading elevator powered by 4 775pros reaches max height in 0.9 seconds
Can climb 24" in 1 second once latched

Team Dave will be competing at the Waterloo and McMaster Ontario District Events, and aiming to compete at the Ontario District Championship and Detroit Half-Championship.

We’d like to thank our incredible sponsors St David CSS, Infinite Potential, Kik, Melitron, and Google, along with all our other generous sponsors for making this season possible.

Looks like another great robot! Looking forward to talking to you guys at Detroit Half Champs this year, hopefully we both qualify and end up in the same division this year. Good luck this season!