Team Dave Presents: Blaine

Team 3683, Team Dave is proud to present our 2015 robot, Blaine!

Technical specs on Blaine include:

  • 4 CIM, single speed, 6 wheel tank drive
  • Dual gantry elevator, one for stacking totes, one for holding the recycling bin
  • Pivoting claw picks up fallen down and upright bins
  • 4-bar roller intake allows the robot to pick up totes at wide angles. Aiming for 2s per tote from the landfill

Team Dave will be competing at the Waterloo and Windsor regional, and hopes to qualify for the world championship!

Awesome bot! Can’t wait to compete with you guys at Waterloo.

wow, cool robot. Love the dual gantry system.

Very nicely done! Hope to see you at Champs again…

I’m liking this design a lot. The dual gantry elevator looks like it is very effective. Is there anything mechanical to keep the gantries from crashing into each other or is it all done in code?

We use a ratchet and pawl on the lower gantry gearbox. The top gantry rests on the lower gantry and also has pid control when picking up/placing cans.

I like your claw to keep the totes in place, Nice work!

Definitely love the clean design, good job.

It looks like you are using hot glue to hold your air tanks in place. Is that legal?

Love what I see here. This year it’s all about execution, and your robot looks to be one of the best around at stacking already.

Gave your drivers a lot of practice already, eh?

Wait…Team Dave…Blaine…David Blaine? Is this robot a street magician?

You are correct, that is hot glue on our air tanks. The low end melting point of polypropylene (material that the tanks are made from) is 130°C, and hot glue guns typically run from 80°C up to 120°C.

Even though there were no visible effects to the tanks when we glued them, we will be replacing these tanks. Thanks for the heads up!

Our team is based out of St. David’s Secondary School, that’s where the name Team Dave comes from. So we like to name our robots after famous Daves, such as Hasselhoff, Letterman, and now Blaine.

So yes, our robot is named after the famous street magician. Hopefully Blaine can put on quite the show.

That is hilarious.