Team Decorations

BTW everyone, i claim blue hair for the competitions! Its one of my persoanl trademarks, and i will be using it! I’m curious as to what everyone else will be doing to mutilate, i mean, decorate themselves?
Team 804

You forgot about wearing long black wig and wearing a hawaiian shirt…That’s Me.

Wayne Doenges

I’m going to have to go with the big gorilla suit. I hope it’s not to hot in Florida this year.

Our team will be going with our traditional red and blue hair along with sparkley hair for the girls! :slight_smile:

  • Katie

I disclose my uber-secret plans for my competition garb to only a select few…

All I can say is:

-Wooden Dowel

“I’d tell all my friends, but they’d never believe me. They would think that I’d finally lost it completely!”

any1 know where to get cheap colored hairspray? (prefrabbly purple or silver (school colors) but not necessarily)

I’ll be the dork there hanging out with our robot :slight_smile: