Team Domains

What domain does your team use for their website, if one at all?

Does your team purchase a domain from someone like Google (Domains) or goDaddy?

Or do your mentors handle website registration?

With 4901, I own and host the domain name personally since I could do it easily on my GoDaddy account (don’t you judge me for using them…)

I’m sure we could figure out something through USC or through South Carolina 4-H, but this was the easiest way to get the ball rolling quickly.

Our entire website is hosted on Squarespace, so we just do it through their domain registration service. It works all right.

Our website has a long history where decisions were made by different individuals over time, but we use GoDaddy for the domain registration and Hostgator for the hosting.

We will be talking to Zipline Interactive in the coming weeks for our website, and we will be more likely than not going through them for everything.

Two of our mentors & sponsors (husband & wife) are actually co-owners of a small web hosting business, so they host our site.

We’ve had a custom domain for the team since **before **we had a team; I paid for a domain name in summer 2011 to help Gixxy recruit members and mentors and a head coach. We’ve had several hosts, beginning with free hosting and moving to a paid plan.

HostGator is the website and email host for Our domain name is registered through Namecheap.

We use Google Apps for Non-profits, Slack for primary team communications, Trello for task management, and to obtain donated (or deeply discounted) software (i.e. MS Office, QuickBooks, etc.).

Our team uses donated SolidWorks (Student Edition) and GrabCAD for mechanical design/product management and GitHub as our software CM/repository.

For the past 10 years, we’ve had our own domain, hosted by an external company. There has been talk of bringing it “in house” and onto the school’s server, but nothing has actually happened in that regard.

Our is, which is a subdomain of our school and is hosted on their server.

Go with google domains if you are buying a domain.
GoDaddy tends to increase renewal costs every year.

I second that. We switched to Google Domains (from Dyn) and our costs went down significantly. Google Domains also includes WHOIS privacy, which often costs extra from other providers.

We use Google Domains too! Another cool feature is it has free email forwarding - all of our mentors and student leads have emails, but they direct to their own emails. You just can’t send as them. Being able to give out a biz card with a “company” email looks very professional for all, especially our students. The control panel is slick and easy to use, too.