Team Driven 1730 2015 Reveal

Team Driven 1730, proudly presents our 10th robot, this one for Recycle Rush. We will be competing at the Greater Kansas City Regional and the Colorado Regional as a throwback to our first regional 10 years ago also in Colorado.

I really like that you guys decided to put a third “wall” of support on the front of the robot. From all of the human-loading stackers, this one is one of my favorites.

Wish we could have seen you guys at Bayou again this year. Good luck!

Watching a lot of the practice matches, that door could be extremely important down the road. Great design! :smiley:

Another winner without a doubt. Easily one of the best bots i’ve seen so far this year. Best of luck at GKC and Colorado. Gonna miss seeing you guys this year!

This is my first year of robotics so I don’t know much but you guys have an awesome bot. Good luck!