Team Driven 1730's Robot- Starscream

Here is Team Driven 1730’s reveal video.

Starscream is ready for action. See you all at the Greater Kansas City Regional along with the Queen City Regional. See you all there.

Love the Bridge Manipulator and The shifting tower.

This bot is awesome.

Did…did your entire robot just move to the side? I love it.

Jaw is on the floor. You rocked the house at North Star last year and you’ll do even better this year.

The whole tower does slide, also both the front and appendage side collect balls. Also there are two of them, the practice bot is not powder coated of course. And the tower is carbon fiber.

:eek: Looks amazing! Best of luck to you guys!

Sometimes a design is so innovative that it brings a bit of joy to all who see it for the first time. This one brought a big smile to my face. Well done. The passive bridge manipulator is genious, and the sliding tower should prove to be very unique.

Looking forward to seeing it on the field in KC.

Highest production reveal video so far. Oh, and that robot is pretty nifty too.

Boy is that a robot. GKC should be interesting. I’ll have to stop by Driven and check out your robot this year, as always.

At the one second mark there are two things that slide down out of your robot, what are they used for?

At the one second mark there are two things that slide down out of your robot, what are they used for?

That is a mechanism that allows the robot to hang the front two wheels off the bridge in order to make space for our alliance partners. The mechanism is positioned just ahead of the CG so that we know how far we can hang off without tipping over. With this function we take up just over half of what we originally would.

A special thanks to our video guy! Luke Orr did an awesome job producing! :yikes:

We have an extremly similar device, but use 1x1 bar and traction material mounted on pnuematics.

Don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I am really looking forward to regionals this year, I’ll be sure to check out what you other teams have created