Team Driven Week 2, With Climb

Here is our week two video. we have been able to somewhat climb. Our CNC is pushing out parts like crazy. Hopefully we have a legit robot by next week.

It’s reassuring to note how similar our approach to climbing is… phew :smiley:

Good luck in your build.

What is actually doing the lifting here?

The “robot” the people are simply there to control the pneumatics it and catch it incase of a fall.

Glad to see another team having success with the corner climbing method.

We have a prototype that works now, but refining it to work well will be a challenge.

Your approach is similar to ours but with some key differences. Just a suggestion for other teams still noodling on this: the closer you can get your pneumatic cylinders into the same plane as the edge you are climbing (60 degrees from the floor) the less strength they will need and the less stress it will put on the robot frame.