Team Facebook Pages

I noticed on the Twitter account thread that some teams didn’t have a Twitter, but had a Facebook instead. I figured enough teams would have a Facebook fan page/group to make another thread worthwhile.

Team Titanium’s Facebook page is at:

Feel free to share your page!

Team 375’s Facebook can be found here : The Robotic Plague

Cougars Gone Wired is here

I’ve been a little lax in updating the page though, so it’s not incredibly up to date at the moment…

The Flying Platypi’s is here.

We’ve been updating it quite a lot during the summer and should do most of our build season updating from it.

1071 doesn’t have a page (yet :wink: ) but we do have a Facebook group

Team 1503’s is here.


Team 191 the X-Cats is here.

Team 201

Bedford Bearcat Robotics

Horn Lake Robotics/Team Intrepid 3411

Team 956, Eagle Cybertechnology is here.

Team 1124

Team 1091

FRC Team 343 Metal in Motion

The NC Gears have a page too!!! :smiley:

330’s page here

Killer Bees

Newport Robotics Group team 948

Team 1625 Winnovation

Team 2504’s here.