Team Flags

We notice that some veteran teams have team flags to use for introduction before the matches. Are there any regulations on the size of flag we can use and on the pole that we use? I didn’t see anything in the manual but I could have looked over it. Thanks.

No regulations on flag, but please keep it reasonable! The MC has to wave the thing every match you’re in, carry it to the sideline before the match starts, etc. You don’t want something that’s 50 lbs and 20 feet long!

Our school district bought a flag for both us and 3310 (also in Rockwall ISD). It is fairly large (4’x6’ I think) We have a telescopic pole but we keep the pole to only about 8’ in height. The MC always comments that our flag is huge and kind of heavy but they never have issue with the weight, though swinging it around is a chore, even at that short length

As a prank as drivers, we always extended the pole about 6" each match until the pole is about 12’ by eliminations, just for fun. In the stands, we extend the flag to its maximum length (about 18’) and it is quite difficult to wave.

There are no official restrictions. However…

One year, a volunteer gatekeeper at the entrance to the Georgia Dome floor took it upon himself to impose a four-foot limit on flagpoles. There was no documentation for the “rule”, but there was no getting around him. A number of teams hacksawed their flagpoles to meet the restriction, including at least one with a four-foot-tall flag.

Poles that short are much harder to handle than longer ones, and they will not stay in the flag bins by the field without falling out, unless they’re stuck in so far in that it’s impossible to see whose flag they are.

Team 1585 has a massive flag with a ten foot long pole and is about five feet in length.
Far as I know there is no regulation on the size of flags (there’s really no regulation about flags at all. All they ask is that you take responsibility for it otherwise it’ll get thrown away at the end of the event).

MOE also has a very large flag, made by a parent many years ago. The pole is metal and separates into three sections for packing.

Fair warning, the MC’s do gently complain at times about the size and weight of flags like this - Blair dubbed it the “uberflag”.

But if you have one, go for it!

Mostly, it’s keep it reasonable. If you make a flag that the MCs won’t want to wave, they’ll probably find a way to not wave it.

Carol, I like the picture. Philadelphia Regional, 2011?

MOE has a thing for large props.

This student-designed flag is pretty light-weight and easy for the MC to wave around. They used 3/4 Schedule 40 PVC for the flag pole.

We have a cloth flag sewn by a parent several years ago, about 3’ x 5’, double-sided so the logo is always readable.

The pole is in 2 sections for packing, the lower section is long enough so the flag can sit in a trash can - this is how most fields store the flags between matches.

The ends are finished for safety, and ‘1676’ is written on it in a few places so the volunteers can immediately see which flag is ours (even when furled).

A devil’s pitchfork is so much easier to lug around.

Make sure it is built to be able to be tipped upside down. Our team has a large flag and once it was given to the MC on the field and when he tipped it, it fell apart.

We had a student and their mother make our flag a couple years ago. Similar to other posts it’s about 3x5 and we use a small curtain rod as the pole makes it look a bit nicer. It’s really light weight as well.

Nothing beats a hockey stick for a flag pole :smiley: . Lightweight, and just the right size.

::rtm:: hey guys its ash from team 2051 im borrowing my friend from 3260s account cause i dont remember mine… anyways does anyone know like the limitations and what not for the flag? or a website i can design the flag on??? (than get it made…) ::safety:: thanks ahead of time :]

We have had some home-made flags in the past, but a couple years ago we had one professionally made. I can’t remember the company but it was online.

***edit, found the webiste:**

We needed to upload the graphics (in .eps format) and they printed it on the flag fabric.

I believe it cost us about $100.00 for a 3’x5’ flag.
They sent a proof first before they made it, took about 2 weeks to get it.

Hope this helps.

May i suggest reading the posts in this thread before posting? Especially when that is what this thread is about. Its not like this is a game hint thread with 800 posts…

In my experience, a 3x5 flag is “the right size” for FRC events. Its big enough to be impressive, without being so big its unwieldy.

1712 has a moderately large flag that was made early in our history. However, it was made mostly of felt, so it’s quite hefty. One of our MCs last year did a bit where she “curled” the flag rather than waiving it during some of our match intros.

Team 1100 has a very large flag (about 4ft by 6 ft as well). We use a long piece of steel pipe to hold our flag.