Team flags

So now that the robot building is almost done we have started to think about the really important things… Team flags! This will be our first year making a team flag, and we are wondering approximately what size should we go for? We don’t want something ridiculously large or something too small. Just an average size flag. What do you guys suggest?

Most team flags seem to be about 3’ x 5’. Ours is rather larger and something of a pain. Last year, one of the teams at our regional had one of those tall flags like phone stores and such put at the street - It doesn’t collapse against the pole when there’s no wind, so you can always see it.

Go to google images and search “feather flag sign” if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Our Flag is 3’ X 5’ and it works well.
Here is a picture of it:

Here is a pic of our flag being waved by an MC at IRI:

If I had to guess, it’s probably 4’ x 6’. It works really well, and definitely boosts team hype at the beginning of the match.

Unfortunately our team is in the same situation, this will be our first year with a flag here i our flag, we decided that 3’x5’ was the best :slight_smile:

here is our flag:

Do you all use a dowel rod for the flag staff or…,

We have what is apparently a flag pole for a flag team or similar. The flag is attached to two rings, on each at the top and bottom corners on one end. These rings have a slightly larger inside diameter than the outside diameter of the flagpole. The flagpole shaft is plastic tubing; there’s a shelf near the top that works like a shaft collar to keep the upper ring from sliding down, and a flat-bottomed finial above that to keep the ring from sliding up. The lower ring on the flag rides loosely on the shaft, but it cannot escape because the pole is too long.

We made our first flag out of a dinner skewer and it was 3 inches by 5 inches. :D. Let us just say that they lost that flag at our regional A LOT.