Team Flags

Hi. Does anyone know when or if the official Q&A is active, and where it is? I’m wondering if it is legal for teams to use retro reflective tape in their flags. I’m worried that this could screw up teams vision tracking abilities.

Andrew K.

The official Q&A will be opened tomorrow, according to TIMS.

There should be a link here when it opens. In order to submit a question, a mentor on your team will have to get the login info from TIMS, as accounts for the Q&A exist per team, not for individuals.

[quote=]Standards should reflect your team’s identity and must be decorated in the spirit of FIRST and Gracious Professionalism. They
may not include retroreflective tape
or elements that mimic History Patches, or Achievement Streamers (those are reserved
for teams earning them). Standards may not be designed such that they blind or distract field crew, opponent drivers, or
audience members. During a match, the Standard must be fixed, physically and visually (i.e. no strobing, flashing, changing
color, etc.).[/quote]

Here, from the standard specs :

Thank goodness that is the case. I’m sure some team out there would have done it. It could have been used to cheat on a bot that uses it.

Thank you for linking us to that!

I wonder if you could put a camera on the Standard, it would give you a huge advantage as far as visibility over the outer works goes.

You can’t…

Wires can’t get out of that box…

And you can’t have a wireless camera.