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Because the other thread is only for notes, here’s a thread for discussing the Team Forum.

My beef: EI isn’t second place? what gives?

Engineering Inspiration IS the second highest award that FIRST gives. It says so in the FIRST manual.

Engineering Inspiration IS NOT the runner up to the Chairman’s. This means that they cover different things. Just because a team comes in second for the Chairman’s doesn’t mean that they will win Engineering Inspiration. This was proven at the Championship this year, since 812 won Engineering Inspiration at the Championship (after winning it in LA) and they didn’t win a Chairman’s award, and so weren’t in the running for that

(Please correct me if I was misformed :rolleyes: )

FIRST specifies a different set of judges for each award. Thus, those judging for the Chairman’s Award will not be judging for the Engineering Inspiration Award. This, however, doesn’t stop those judges from talking to the Engineering Inspiration Award judges and making them aware of certain qualities in a team.

i was judge coordinator at Long Island in 2003 and i can tell you that the only awards that have seprate judges is the chairmans award. Those judges are completely different but they still are in the room when the discussion goes on about the differnt awards so i guess it is possible that they are infulenced by the discusson but they are soposed to figure out who wins before they come back to the rest of the judges.