Team Forums

Regional Directors are holding the annual FIRST team forums right about now.
I thought I’d post the pretty generic questionaire.

FIRST Team Forum Session Questionnaire

Please complete the following questions concerning the 2008 FRC season.

**Part 1 – What Works **

  1. What aspects of the FIRST experience have you particularly liked/valued?

  2. What aspects of the FIRST experience would you particularly like to see improved?

  3. What technologies work for the program? What needs to be changed or improved in terms of technology used in FRC? Are there any new technologies that need to be added?

  4. Are there additional kinds of training and/or support that you need from FIRST? What delivering mechanisms work best for you?

  5. Looking at all other categories/aspects of your FIRST experience, which items would be the most crucial ones to improve? How might you recommend that FIRST improve them?

Part 2 – Sustainability

  1. What (besides providing more money) might be the most important things FIRST could do to help sustain your team’s involvement in FRC over the long term?

  2. What do you see as the highest priority ideas – where should FIRST focus its efforts? What do you see as the first thing you would like FIRST to do – something doable that would make a difference for you tomorrow?

Part 3 – Miscellaneous

  1. What are your initial reactions to the new control system that was announced?

  2. Please provide any additional questions/comments that you have.