Team Fusion 364 Improvements

Now that our season is over (lost Finals 2 at the Bayou Regional by 2 points), we decided to make some additions to our robot for Off-Season events. Currently, we don’t have a way of keeping an RC secure on top of a stack, but that will be added soon. Here is a video of our new lift mechanism - the traditional “side” grabber. We can make a stack of 5 in 30 seconds.

I am so using the upside down tote idea to feed totes from the HP. We’re currently exclusively landfill thanks to the tote faceplant feeding problem.

Does that tote by the feeder station have to be upside down? If a tote is fed upside down through the chute, does it land such that you can align it against the wall to start making stacks?

I am not sure if a tote can be fed through the human player station up-side down. I am also not sure if it will land in the correct orientation. We are just using an up-side down tote as a temporary replacement for a tethered ramp of some sort. If you can feed it through up-side down and position it correctly, that would eliminate the need to create a tethered ramp.

The hole for the tote is tapered so that the tote will not pass through inverted.

Correction - the plate at the bottom of the chute has tabs that are too close together for an inverted tote to fit in the space – see page 22 of the Field Drawings. These tabs are 15.25" apart,and the top of a tote is (per game rules 2.3.1), 16.9" wide.

No it’s not.

The chute is designed so totes cannot be fed through the chute upside down.

However, a right side up tote works almost as well as a ramp as an upside down one. The yellow totes can be useful for this.