Team Fusion 364 - Teaser

Okay, so it’s not much of a teaser… Here is our almost completed robot. We got the idea of the exhaust pipes from Orange County Choppers; they’re our next sponsor!I think it will do well this year at the competition. We plan on doing autonomous and pushing the trackball around the field. Hope you enjoy. Post any questions or comments. Feedback is encouraged.

First, that robot controller doesn’t look the same as the one from this year (and the radio modem is definitely an old one). Is it one from a previous year?

Second, I don’t see the Rockwell power distribution block anywhere. You won’t pass inspection without it. Are you planning on putting it in?

Third, what are the vacuum generator and suction cup for? Will they actually hold onto the ball?

…Somehow I’m willing to bet that this isn’t quite close to their real robot…

Note the robots in the background, how they’re all shiny machined aluminum and metal, and how this one seems to be mainly wood, and made out of all wood parts. I would venture to guess that it’s a semi-prototype thing that was thrown together in a very short time…

Of course, I could be wrong, but I don’t think so

-Greg P.

Interesting point you have made… :smiley: I feel how I think Dave Lavery feels giving away game teasers.

We looked into using exhaust pipe this year. But it was WAY to heavy…

If you want my advice, pick up some 3/4" EMT Conduit and bend it yourself with one of those lever-bender-thingys.

Looks okay for a prototype though.

I think Greg Peshek has our teaser figured out… It could very possibly be one of the robots in the background. But what picture?!? The first one? Or the last one? Hmm…

the robot in the last picture looks like the aim high (2006) bot to me…

are you doing a micro-tank type bot this year? cool! :smiley:


It could be possible… you may want to do some homework on Team Fusion to find out.