Team givien awards

I was just wondering what team awards people have gave out like “Best Pit.”

We recieved awards like “Most compattable robot” and “best small ball handeler” and best alliance partner etc… their are tons of them out there. I’m pretty sure Cyber blue gave out a few awards in their division…

We recieved Team GUS’s “Big Nut” Award, and Team RAGE’s “Best Woody” Award :slight_smile:

We gave out a best alliance award to team 56 and best robot award out also but i was not there when they picked how got that one…my bad!

I received Team 25’s Cool Squad Contract for “having a mean CD avatar”.

Our team received someone’s version of chairman’s award, but the trophy’s packed and right now they’re team name and number escapes me. They took a team pic of the few of us in the pit at the time. I’d love a copy for our web.

We gave out our Gracious Professionalism Trophy to Team 885.

You got shot too?
That was great! :slight_smile:

disappointed I didn’t meet you there

Our team gives out robies, which are little blue gear shaped awards. We gave-
980- fearsome foe
469- awesome ally
108- never say die
222- superman
We also gave out an awesomely engineered award, but i have to say i forgot who we gave it to. I am truly sorry guys.

I think your team was sitting far away on the other side of the stand from ours. Why didn’t you come to the webhug? We would have loved to see you there. There were alot of great people there.

384 gave out the first year of the Sparkies to teams in Galileo division, hope I don’t mess up, but here they are:

-Overall Best Robot- 365
-Best Alliance Partner- 93
-Best Team Spirit- 49
-Best Wiring- can’t remeber, will ask tomorrow
-Best Robot Design- 68

Yet again I was determined to go to the hug, and forgot about it running to the Robot Chicks Union meeting with the girls, then going to my room for the afternoon sick. :frowning:

so glad I recovered and didn’t miss anymore festivities.

I’m going to have to tatoo the web hug appt on my hand in bold characters next year.

thanks guys… you guys were awesome… but you got it right… we never say… DIE…

We got best Small ball handler from team 67

To be honest I don’t remember what team it was, but I was approached and told I won an award for a CD post, I than was offered a Krispy Kreme with two oreos! It was sweet! That was the only thing I ate 'til the emims.

Off the topic, and sorry, but my pit crew said someone handed them a donut with 2 oreos in it, and said to give it to me. Nobody seemed to know who it was… Would like to know, and Thanks! It was goooood… mm… donuts.

Just remind me to pull you out of whatever we’re doing next year. :slight_smile:

chuckle I’ll consider you my tattoo in bold characters.\

mind wanders Maybe I’ll tattoo your hand in bold characters to remind you to pull me away evil grin

I’m not sure if anyone gave an award out for this but I’m pretty sure that a couple of teams declaired my team to have the hightest pit structure. I’m proud of my tower since I was the captain of the “Tower team” :smiley:

Team 60 gave us their “Master Plan” award. Still not quite sure what exactly the “master plan” was, but happy anyways.

their awards are really cool, it is a miniature working steam engine that can run off of a compressor - just hook it up to a compressor and watch it spin.

Cyber Blue planned to give 3 awards in Newton. We passed out the ballots, but only 3 came back. They wouldn’t announce anything about the awards ballot. We decided to not give them out - next year we will figure out a better way to do the balloting -

The awards were for Best Defensive Robot, Best Offensive Robot and Best Match (given to two teams).

Sorry we were not able to give them out.