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I saw a presentation a couple years ago on Team Goal Setting at the beginning of each year. I dont remember too much other than it talked about at minimum having a goal for the year that is attainable but also could be a stretch goal. I remember the speaker saying one of their teams goals every year is to make it to Worlds but that shouldn’t be every teams goals as it is not attainable for many based on different reasons.
Anyone know what I am talking about and maybe have a link to it?

A little bit of searching led me to this:

And this thread on the same topic:

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I had to check to see if you’d been at one of my scouting presentations…

…But you’re pretty far out of range, and I only briefly touch on that. But yes, that’s the general sort of idea.

As an example, given your team’s history, I would target being in the last match of every event–either by winning or by being a finalist, there’s enough luck in there that it shouldn’t matter which. Being in the playoffs doesn’t work anymore for you guys–you’re already there consistently.

I understand where you are coming from. I am not looking on what goals to set for our team. I am looking for a specific presentation that I watched a couple years ago but cant find it now. I was hoping to share with the team. I will keep looking. Thanks.

Question, do you remember where you saw it? That might help.

Thought it was here on Chief Delphi.

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