team goals

List your goals for your team here!

One goal I have for 538 is to be able to build a workshop that has a full practice where we can invite other teams to practice (media day).

What is yours?

Well, besides the obvious goals, we are planing on getting more people involved, turn out some high quality FIRST related software, put on the second year of our FLL qualifying event with 12+ teams, have more community involvement, and become the best team ever (ok, the last one is a little unreasonable :yikes: ).

Not official, but here is what the primary goals are coming out to be for T66:

  • Better organization inside-out in all aspects
  • Continue improving on our great focus on FIRST and its mission
    *]More spreading the word



general unoffical goals for Team 1071 over the years were:

Win UTC - done and hungry for more

GAIN RESPECT FROM VETRANS - Hyper, GaleForce, GUS so far are our best friends (we get along well with Buzz, RAGE, and anybody that is always there when we need help in the pits like they are)

Win a nonrookie award
Help the community - done every year/chance we can
Gain major sponsorship
Host a mini-comp (supermini-comp) - Planned for 2004 but lack of funds… Almost certian for 2006 if engineers and team still has intrest around kickoff

Start the team.

We don’t even know our number yet 8)

I would also love to go to two regionals. And not have to ride the cheese wagon to the regonials. :smiley: that would be nice