Team Handbook

Our team is looking to put together a handbook to help solidify our structure and the positions and responsibilities of individuals on the team, only we don’t know where to start. What all should be included?


1923 has a great one that I admire a lot. It’s what ours is based on.

Both 254 and 1538 have awesome handbooks and other resources on their websites

1923 has a very well balanced handbook:

1538 and 254 make well written & visually appealing ones: (254) (1538)

Best of luck!

well for starters, I would brake down the line of command. have a steering committee comprised of 3 or5 people (this avoids stalemates in decision making), from there have a head mentor in the major categories for example have a head in electrical, in engineering, etc. at that point my team put student leaders in each sub-team (fab,cad,electrical, etc.) once this was laid out we delegated the work between mentors and students. for example our student CAD lead would make a list of all the parts that needed to be order that week and would then hand it off to the head mentor (supervisor/aid) of cad who checked to make sure everything was in order before passing it on to the financial head mentor to purchase. this method helped reduce the load of responsibilities for adults, and at the same time put more trust and real life experience on the students. that’s my two cents on the matter. if you would like a less jumbled response don’t hesitate to ask.

I hesitate to point this out because because I despise some of the PC or political stuff on this forum but reading 254s handbook the transportation liability section on page 15 just says “My Son…” for every question. Agin I am not a sensitive PC person. I have 2 sons and 2 daughters. I don’t take offence to this no should anyone else because I am sure 254 has no bias but found it interesting. Maybe I should delete this…

254 is from an all-boys school. Does it make more sense now?

Yep that makes sense. I knew I should have deleted it.

We borrowed from 1625, 16, and 27… Here’s what we refined it to last year. I helped to create our initial one in 2013.


When we made ours we read a bunch of different handbooks and took content from a lot of them to make a very comprehensive handbook.
You can read it here:

We release everything with Creative Commons Attribution/Non Commercial/Share a like which means you’re welcome to take and edit our handbook all you want, as long as you also share it, give us credit, and dont sell it.