Team Homes for Home Schoolers

The references have indeed been helpful in a sense. And thank you so much for those! For the most part, but not sure yet, they don’t feel that there is much hope unless we move to FTC. On the other hand, others have said that the laws in VA are not being handled appropriately and could be made to serve better. These of course are not lawyers…

There’s still a long way to go on my personal front.

for this thread, I’m just trying to get more home schoolers involved in FRC nation wide! And information access is where you start.

On the VEX side, this year’s World Championship Excellence Award winner, the VEXMEN (also from Downingtown/Exton, PA), also acceptsfrom home schooled and out-of-district students. – confirmed to me by team coordinator

Yes, MOE 365, since it is not affiliated with a school, has always been open to anyone from anywhere, and has had several home-schooled students in the past. (Don’t think we have one this year but I’m not sure).

Team 2395, the Ninja Munkees out of Oklahoma city is primarily a homeschooled team, but will except anyone from a private or public school as well.

Team 1825 is the metro homeschool team for the greater Kansas City area.

Team 2949 PWNAGE (Batavia, IL) is open to any student. We take students from any high school as well as home-schooled students. We are also open to mentors from anywhere.

We currently have 2 home-schooled students as well as students from 7 different high schools. Also mentors from at least 5 different companies.

Anyone interested is welcome to join!!! (as long as you can make it here to meetings :stuck_out_tongue: )


Team 836, The RoboBees, of Leonardtown, MD, have several homeschooled students on the team. We also actively support FTC 2843, Under The Sun, a homeschooled team that won the 2010 FTC World Championship.

Team 3504, The Girls of Steel, comes from 20 different schools, including two cyber schools and homeschool as well. :smiley: We also support a rookie FLL team, which is 50/50 homeschool to public school.

Our team is creating a database of homeschool-friendly teams and would like to update this thread. If your team is primarily homeschooled students or accepts homeschooled students and haven’t already posted in here, please do so.

Thank you!
Sharon Ousley
Team 3528 Up Next

CRT 306 has always accepted home schooled students, we have a few this year.

FRC Team 1094 is open to anyone in our regional area. We have a mix of homeschooled, public and privately schooled students. We currently have students from 5 different counties on FRC1094.

River City Robots sponsors many FLL and Jr FLL teams, they are also a mix of homeschooled, public and privately schooled students.

I am a mentor and board member of River City Robots.

2587 DiscoBots includes many homeschoolers and students from other schools besides those from Lamar High School.

Our 2587z VEX team is composed mainly of homeschoolers.

I was homeschooled and my brother started as our driver last year as an 8th grader.

Code Orange 3476 from Dana Point, California was started as a community team by a homeschooling family. Now in our 3rd year we have 22 students from 11 different schools, and 6 homeschooled. As a homeschooler, it is very important to me and my team to have the message and opportunity of FIRST availiable to everyone.

FRC Team 1714, More Robotics, accepted me on the team while I was home schooled my senior year. As far as I know they continue to accept students from nearby schools as well as homeschooled students who otherwise would not have access to a robotics team.

I know that any team with which I am associated will accept any student from any school or home school. I believe that it is against the purpose of FIRST to exclude anybody. We currently have several students from another county school, as well as a student team member that lives in a different county, but his former team moved to another school and the principal will not allow students from other schools to participate.The whole idea of FIRST is to inspire more kids to enter the field of STEM, not just kids at one particular school.

Team 2252 the Mavericks welcomes all high school students that are willing to come and learn. Myself included there are currently five homeschooled students on the team.

FRC Team 456, Siege Robotics, in Vicksburg, Mississippi is a fully community based team comprised of students from public, private, and home schools. We maintain strong relationships with the local Vicksburg/Warren County Public School District, local private school administations, and local home school orgnaizations. We are held up as a model of how to work together as a community and are proud of the diversity of students on our team. We welcome any and all with open arms.

Team 2062, C.O.R.E. (The Community of Robotic Engineers) is very welcoming to home-schoolers. I was the first on our team and we now have three currently home-schooled and many formerly home-schooled students on the team. :slight_smile:

330, the BeachBots, in Hermosa Beach, CA, is entirely homeschooled students from one homeschool group.

Bear Metal FRC 2046 has had home schooled students in past seasons, but none this year.

A home schooled student from the 2011 season and his family started a team for home schooled students that includes students from around the greater Seattle ares.

They are Higher Voltage FRC 3968