Team Homes for Home Schoolers

FRC Team 980 ThunderBots is a 501©(3) non-profit organization, building our robot in Glendale, CA. We accept students from any school that does not have an FRC team as well as home-schooled students.

Send me a PM for more information.

Team 4106 in the Treasure Valley / Southwestern Idaho will welcome anyone who does not have a home team. We are an Explorer Post focused on STEM. We currently have a couple of homeschool families as well as drawn from charter schools and districts which do not have robotics programs.

As a side note, though FIRST does not prohibit anyone from joining as a home schooling family we have lived in areas which did not allow homeschool familes to use any public school facilites. This included sports, band, drama, etc. So a school based team may have to exclude based on state / school district rules.

Team 468, in Flint,MI takes students from anywhere, the team was formed by the boy-scout explorer post that we are in the summer months, (troop 1888)

Team 1317 in Columbus, OH has many home schooled members.

Team Clutch 1033 has 5 home schooled students on our team this year.

We welcome all ready to work and learn.

We are in Richmond, Va.

Team 668 has always been open to anyone without a team.

Currently have one homeschooler, and about 5 other members from another high school.

San Jose, California

Is the point of this (revived) thread to compile a list of homeschool or partially-homeschool teams, or to make a list of all teams which would take a homeschooler? I would hope that the majority of US teams are in the latter category, since many (although by no means all) state laws require public schools to accept homeschooled students for extracurricular activities.

2771, Code Red Robotics has several homeschoolers (including myself:cool:) and will accept students from any school.

My point for reviving this thread was to create a source for homeschooled students/families to find a team in their area. We are creating a database of community or homeschooled only teams vs public/private school teams that accept outside students. In the state of Missouri, I don’t know what the rules are for participating in an extracurricular activity such as robotics, but I know for athletics and music competitions, the student has to take a certain number of classes at the school in order to be eligible.

But to answer your question, yes, primarily I am looking for the first category of teams and then if none exist in a particular area, where would a homeschooled student look for a team?

Thank you for the responses.

Most teams not affiliated with a school will accept home schooled students - any student for that matter. There are many of them.

MOE 365 has had home schooled students almost every year, from multiple states, and I think three students currently.

FRC190 accepts any student from any school on our team. We currently have 2 other schools (besides Mass Academy) represented as well as home-school students from two states.

We take all students.

Team 1829 in Accomack County VA is a coalition team with students form at least two schools, and I myself am homeschooled (that’s how I’m posting right now) along with a few others.

I suggest looking towards youth groups. We generally don’t discriminate based on rival schools :slight_smile:

All the 76 4-H teams can be found here. To be a member all you have to do is join 4-H! :slight_smile:

I also suggest searching here for Boys & Girls Clubs, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts teams.

I probably should write a long rambling post about being in Philadelphia, homeschooled, and doing FIRST. :smiley:

I should say first, that the Philadelphia School District requires schools to allow homeschooled students to participate in extracurricular activities at schools. That being said, being on good terms with the team/teachers is a plus. As a homeschooled kid, I tended to spend massive amounts of time at the library, and the teacher of Science in the Summer, a summer science program sponsored by (at the time) GlaxoSmithKline. The teacher (yay Ms Liberman!) happened to be the lead teacher of the robotics team at GWHS (304), and invited my brother and I to the team. After a bout with the School District lawyers, we both joined the team, and it went from there.

I’m not sure how friendly the current school district of Philadelphia teams are to homeschoolers, but (and I’m sure this applies to a lot of schools, teams, and districts) if you get to know the team and the mentors, you have a team to join. It’s not hard: come to an event and talk to teams.

/end of rant. Just my $0.02

1405 Finney Falcons has homeschoolers on their team.

3260 accepts students from any school (including home school) as we are hosted by an afterschool program and are in no way affiliated with one specific school.

Team 3307 is open to anyone who wishes to join. Contact me to acquire a spot on the team!

Team 3999(Shadetree Mechanics) in Killeen,TX is an open team that will accept team members from any district or home school. We formed this team for exactly that reason. If anyone in the Central Texas area is looking for a team to join please let me know.
-Leigh Frishman
Shadetree Mechanics

Team 3997’s always looking for more students its already almost half and half public schoolers to home schoolers.
Screaming Chickens from San Antonio Texas (you just have to register as a “explorer scout” no we don’t go on Boy Scout trips strictly robotics.)