"Team in a Box Interviews" at the 2006 Championship

Team 341 is looking for all well respected mentors, WFA winners and Chairman’s teams to consider contributing content to “Team in a Box”, our internationally distributed and award winning DVD/CD set, designed to assist rookie teams.
If you would consider being interviewed at the 2006 Championship and wish to contribute a whitepaper, or have an idea for a video segment please send me a PM or contact me through www.team341.com .

Our disk currently has contributions from Senior Mentors, Regional Directors, and even Dean Kamen himself. Teams 103 and Team 67 have also contributed extensive content on the topics of Animation and Drive Trains respectively. All teams and individuals are fully credited.

Atlanta is our one chance each year to get everyone on tape, so please consider helping with this project. Your effort will go directly to helping rookie teams.
To learn more about the disk or to order your free copy, you can go to www.team341.com and just click on the “Team in a Box” banner.

Thank you for considering this request.

Good luck to everyone at the Championship.

Is there any way you can send this along to teams in one of those update type things? I am sure I know people who may be interested, but not all of them read Chief, and I don’t have all of their contact info, though FIRST possibly does.

I’ll forward along what I can, but that could make it more widespread.

For those of us who are no longer rookies but still curious: why not upload the ISO’s so we can help you save on costs? I know of a few teams that would be happy to mirror the TIAB discs (unlimited bandwith… lucky kids ;p), as well as older teams that would like to just see what the box is all about.

I will ask FIRST about this. We really want to reach the experts. There is so much more knowledge out there that has not been tapped.

Thanks for your suggestion and for spreading the word.

We hope to be very busy filming and interviewing at the Championship.

We have discussed what you are suggesting. However, at least for now, we have decided that we want to maintain the self-contained package approach. Team in a Box is (and always will be) available to veterans and rookies free of charge.
Many veteran teams use it for mentoring others, but also for explaining FIRST in their communities or to potential sponsors. That is the feedback we have received. So we do send many copies to veterans.

Our team does student fundraise to support this project. So there will come a day when we can’t afford to distribute without support. So we are in the process of looking for a Team in a Box sponsor. Hopefully that will happen soon.

We are dedicated to providing this information to anyone that requests it.

Thank you to everyone that offered to contribute so far.

Our students are very excited about improving Team in a Box by including a greater diversity of voices.

Although we are gravitating towards the more experienced mentors and teams there is a way that everyone in FIRST can get involved in Atlanta.

1)** Brief Interviews**:
We are going to ask a diverse sampling of FIRST participants for advice to Rookies. We are going to collect this general advice under a menu selection with the working title “Advice From Your Friends”.

2)**Contribute a Whitepaper, Program, or Spreadsheet ** :
If you wish to contribute a Whitepaper, Program, or Spreadsheet We will gladly include this on our resource CD.

All teams and/or individuals will be fully credited on our DVD and CD.

So look for our camera crews roving around the competition in Atlanta.

To learn more about Team in Box visit www.team341.com and click on the Team in a Box banner.

Thanks again!

Al Ostrow

Hey Al, If you need anyone to talk about what it is like at a competition and what goes on or anything team organization related (i.e fundraising, sponsorships or travel), I am willing to help out.

Thanks Al and Team 341 for helping the FIRST community.

Im willing to talk about pre ship events, i helped out in setting up and everything.

PM me if your intrested.

If you are an Experienced Mentor or FIRST Official a National Chairman’s Award Team or Highly Experienced Team, we would love to have your input on Team in a Box. It has already helped so many teams but it can always be improved! We want to give Team in a Box the depth of experience that will bring teams to the next level!

If interested, our camera crew will find you in Atlanta at your convenience. Just PM me with your area of interest and a cell phone number. Please join the list of contributors below.
Also everyone is invited to stop by our pit to pick up or sign up for a copy of the current version of Team in a Box.


Al Ostrow

Thank you to these past and future contributors.

Interviews Lined Up for Atlanta:
Andy Baker
Greg Needel
Kim O’Toole
Chris Husmann
Kathie Kentfield
Jason Rees

Already on Team in a Box
Dean Kamen
Team 67
Team 103
Rich Kressly
Carol Kauffman
Mike Wade
Dave Lavery
Joe Troy

Anything team organization related (i.e fundraising, sponsorships or travel), I am really good with. So yeah!