Team in a Box Orders

To All Teams and Individuals Requesting “Team in a Box”:

We are in the process of making our second annual production run for the Championship and therefore will not be shipping DVDs via first class mail for about 2 weeks.

If you are ordering a “Team in a Box” but are not attending the Championship event, then your order will be shipped via First class mail upon our return from Atlanta. Shipping date will be approximately 5/2/06.

If you are going to Atlanta we ask that you still fill out a request form at so that we can document your request. You can pick up your “Team in a Box” order in Atlanta at our pit and we will verify your receipt after the Championship event.

Thank you for your support of Team in a Box.
Good luck to everyone in Atlanta!!!**

If i’m not going to Nationals, how do I order my copy?

just like normal, fill out the form on their team website

Just go to, then click on the “Team in a Box” banner, scroll down to the bottom of the page, after reading of course :slight_smile: , and fill out the order form.

We will fill your order by approximately May 2nd. (Right after the Championship)

Thanks for ordering and best of luck with your FIRST experience!!