"TEAM in a BOX" : Shipping Update!!

To Rookies, Mentors and all interested Teams:

There will be a new production run of the “TEAM in a BOX” DVD/CD set this week (10/1/05).

So if you recently requested TIAB and have been waiting for a little while, please be patient, you will have the disks by 10/11/05.

To explain, We were in the process of improving the menu system and did not want to produce any more of the older menu version.

In the past year we have filled about 300 requests for “TEAM in a BOX” and plan to produce more right through the Fall, Winter, and Spring. So if don’t have a copy yet, we will be releasing Version 2 a little later this Fall.

To request a copy or learn more about “TEAM in a BOX” you can go to www.team341.com or go to the useful links sections of Chiefdelphi and the FIRST Website.

Good luck to everyone as you gear up your team this Fall!!

Al Ostrow
Team 341

I should also note that if you ordered Team in a Box prior to September and have not received it, please let us know. We think we have everyone covered but we will send another copy if you were missed.