Team in a Box V. 2 : Featuring Team 67 and Team 103

Team in a Box, the DVD/CD disk set, that has been helping Rookies and Veterans around the World, has been updated.

The DVD now features video segments by **Team 67 ** stepping through “Drive Train Basics” and **Team 103 **discussing ** “How to Create a Winning Animation”. **

We deeply appreciate their contributions and hope to have more teams contribute as this product grows.

Over 1000 copies of Team in a Box have been distributed to 9 countries and 5 continents. We make this disk set available free of charge for Rookies, pre-Rookies and veterans that are helping rookies.

So check out Team in a Box version 2 at

Thank you for supporting Rookies everywhere!!! :slight_smile:



this is a really cool thing that you guys are doing. wisconsin has a lot of new rookies this year and this should help a lot. great idea. great follow through. great job!

Good job! One comment on the cover though. The use of a drop shadow on the FIRST logo is forbidden in the guidelines. Change that to a white background with a dropshadow perhaps?

Thanks, guys, this is great for not-rookie-teams-that-have-lost-alot-of-old-members too!

nrtthlaloom, lol we are one of those. lol

Thank you for the kind words and advice.

We invite all Team in a Box users to post comments positive and negative. We regard this as an ongoing project, subject to continuous improvement. It will never be “finished”.

We are also seeking expert teams, especially National Chairman’s Award Teams, to contribute advice segments to our DVD.

Thank you again to **Team 103 Cybersonics ** and Team 67 The HOT Team for being the first to step up to the plate.

You guys are AWESOME!!

I got a copy at kickoff and watched it that day. Team in a Box is really a great thing for rookies and new members…thanks for what you’re doing, and your continued help to team 1712 in general.

I think it’s also a good thing to watch for parents whose kids are spending a lot of time in FIRST but don’t really have a good idea of what FIRST is.

Thanks! We are always glad to help.
We have been very surprised by the number of uses that people have found for “Team in a Box”. One of the many unexpected uses was as a way of explaining FIRST to non-FIRSTERS. Teams are using it for sponsorship meetings, community presentations and parent meetings.

We are glad that it is being used in so many different ways.

Best of luck as we near the end of build season!!