Team Info

If you need some team information but can only remember portions of it (i.e. not the team #) then you can try using FIRST Team Search. Searchable by Number, Team Name, Location, Team Motto, Rookie Year, Number of Students (Minimum & Maximum), Willing to Mentor, Willing to be Mentored and Website! Soon it’ll be searchable by awards won also. Although not yet searchable by awards, you can view every award ever won by each team.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions I’m always open! :slight_smile: (Does anyone know if there are lists of regionals that were attended by teams for past years?)

Also a “public” edition exists which contains the database of team information, some basic functions for displaying and the ‘view’ page. Soon a “quick search” will be available which you can just “include” onto your page and it’ll search through! I need someone to test a beta of it though. :slight_smile:

And my favorite team, the infamous 1535.

Good job Pat.
And of course we all love that wonderful team 1535, and all their fantastic ignorance.

Thanks Bobby.

I can’t believe FIRST actually has them in the database though…