Team Information

I am a program in VB to hand out on cd’s at events. It will hopefully contain info on each and every team in FIRST. I was just wondering if each team would please submit some information about yourselves.

I would like…
A team summary (under 4000 characters)
A robot summary (under 4000 characters)
A short paragraph about robot status- How autonomous is going for you, any problems, how it is running.
And a nice picture plz

If you would be willing to contribute plz either pm it to me leave it on this thread or email me at


You are a VB Program? I want to see a picture of that :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as your info, I’ll ask my team PR coach (one of our kids) to get you this summary.


You thought finding info on every team in FIRST in the next week is possible? That means you would need to input team info for 1 team every ten minutes for the next 8 days (without sleeping). Good luck.

What you could do is make a form on a website that each team fills out and let that populate your program.

I’ll Try

It is for off season because we will sadly not be attending Atlanta for Championships

Hopefully it will look like this and run!

A friend will be useing this project to help teach me programing for VB