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Hi! As we all have entered the offseason now, I was just wondering that if there is any off-season activities, competitions, or events that the team could attend.


In Arizona, your best option is likely going to be ARL, which is a series of offseason events held by team 498. They host one event almost monthly through October for teams to attend allowing teams to continue improving on their robot, or even to build a second (or third or fourth) robot. It is a great way for teams to get more practice in during the offseason. There are plenty of other options as well, but this is the one that I would recommend the most to teams in Arizona.


Depends on where you live.

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Registration link will be coming out very soon! In the meantime make sure you are connected with our ARL Discord!


Avri, it would help if you made your profile public so that we could see the region that you belong to.


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Aaravi3019outreach is almost certainly on the outreach group of team 3019, from Scottsdale AZ.

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I am totally fine with a minor keeping their personal information private. It took me two clicks and five keytaps to find her home state from clues found in her username.

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