Team Koalafied #6996: 2022 Robot Design

Hi all,

For those who aren’t familiar with our team, #6996 is a South Australian team based in Adelaide. As we’re incorporating a lot more CAD into our robot design process, we thought it would be a good idea to start sharing more of what goes into our robots!

I’ll warn you off the bat: this robot has a lot of unusual choices and flaws (and lack of time allocated to software) that meant it did not compete well. We chose not to compete in the main events this year, only fielding a robot for the off-season Melbourne Robotics Tournament. This is for a couple reasons: high student turnover due to graduations (partly due to COVID impact), mentor turnover, and funding. This also led us to be much more experimental, and prepared to take risks in our design– in both good and bad ways.

Regardless, the team is very proud of our robot, and we’re keen to share. We’ve written up a document detailing many elements of the design, and we’re also sharing the Onshape Document. We’ve learnt a lot from building this robot, so maybe someone can learn a little by seeing our choices.

Next year (i.e. next week) we’ll be competing in the usual competition, so there’s more to come from us. We’re excited to finally field a swerve drive we’ve been developing and are ready to put our best foot forward. Good luck y’all!

– Declan, Team Koalafied Mentor

Onshape: Here
Koalafied #6996 2022 Robot Design.pdf (4.0 MB)


Can’t wait to see the swerve. Good luck this season and see you Sydney.

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Thanks! We’re excited to see what you guys do next season!
Here’s a sneak peek of the swerve:


Hi Declan, awesome robot! Thanks for the documentation, it’s good to know that you can buy such bearing on Amazon.

I’d also like to extend and offer from team 4788, we are going to have a lot of students and mentors this year (especially on the software side), so if you ever wanted any feedback or help please reach out!

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Yeah that bearing worked really well- we were very happy with its performance and price. It was also nice that it was able to be directly mounted to with our 3D printed gear.

And thanks for the offer! We’re still a bit under resourced going into the new season so the offer is certainly appreciated.

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