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Hey CD,

How many teams have custom teams licence plates?

My team recently got our new team licence plate for our new trailer. We were really happy with how it turned out, and were wondering how many other teams, team members, or mentors invest in getting a custom licence plate with their team number on it.

You’ll notice that we got the Arizona Cardinals addition. Their logo has a distinct resemblance to our team logo, the black matches well with our colors, and it wasn’t any more expensive! We found out we are allowed to cover up “Cardinals” so we will be water jetting a custom cover that has “Robototes” laser cut into it.

A word of wisdom, if you have the ability to, always register your teams trailers in Arizona. Its only a one time payment of $50 for a non-custom plate, compared with $100 in many states every year. Additionally, its a one time payment $150 for a custom plate like above.

Anyway I would love to see what other teams have custom licence plates, or if you decided it was too expensive or whatever.

  • We have our team licence plate on a team trailer/vehicle.
  • A mentor has a team licence plate.
  • A student has a team licence plate.
  • A parent has a team licence plate.
  • We don’t have a team plate, we never thought about it.
  • We don’t have team plate, its too expensive.
  • We don’t have one, we never got around to it.

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I thought about getting one, but I was trying to see if “FRC 7043” was available and obviously it wasn’t since that’s the standard format for license plates but I didn’t try just our team number so I might see if that’s available. Does your team own your own trailer?

“2EATUP” is going on our refurbished trailer.

One of our mentors graciously bought one for the team. It helped us avoid complications of insurance with our school, and saved us a lot of money. He also had residence in Arizona witch helped us get the cheep plates.

I got mine to be “LS 5237”.

Mine isn’t our team number but it’s been WOBOTS for a while. I meant to go chat with the team of the same name while in Detroit last year but totally forgot!

Yep, mine is “4130BDR” BDR: Blue Devil Robotics

And another mentor is “FRC4130”

A team license plate seems like a lot of work

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It took us less than 30 minutes at the DOL!

2363 has a whole car decked out for them. The thread about it is somewhat broken (all the images dont load) but if you open them in a new tab they load fine.


Wow that’s really impressive! I can’t believe teams have that kinda cash.

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im pretty sure its @ToddF’s personal vehicle, not a team vehicle, but it sure is impressive.

You missed “We don’t have a team vehicle”.

There are 4 permutations of ROBOTS in Indiana that use a combination of 0 and O but look almost identical. They now all belong to AndyMark staff. No team specific ones anymore though.


It is definitely Todd’s personal vehicle. When his old car finally kicked the bucket he decided to make his new car into a fun side project.

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