Team looking for KOP Chassis and Control System components

We’re running a two week class at school to train our new students and are looking for some FRC components. I figured before we buy this stuff I’d see if anyone has the things we need. The main stuff we are looking for is the following:

  • KOP Chassis: We’re looking for an AM14U varient - it can be any year or revision, we don’t care. We’re fine with it being used - as long it isn’t too messed up.
  • Power distribution gear: Can be either a PDP or PDB. We also need a VRM or the converter to power a radio.
  • Radio: Can be a D.Link or OpenMesh, either will work.
  • Speed controllers: Any speed controller that was/is FRC legal will do. Victors, Talons, Jaguars, whatever.
  • Controller: Not a nessecity but if you have a cRio and/or a Digital Sidecar you want to get rid of we’ll take that too.

We’re happy paying for these items if the cost is reasonable. We’d prefer to pick things up locally - for us that means pretty much anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I’m happy paying shipping to get things sent to us as well. Please PM me if you have any of this stuff and we can work out the details. Thanks!

  • Nick

Hi everyone,

We are still looking everything in the post above, and we have a deadline by Wednesday, December 7th. Like we said we are happy to pay for shipping.

Please message Nick or I if you have any of the parts listed laying around!


Alex (Gravity)