Team made Airship

Are any of you guys going to make an airship in your shops? The team drawings don’t exist for an airship as a whole so teams would have to convert the drawings and everything. Any teams going to attempt this?

I believe our team is going to, not sure on the drawings yet.

We will be doing this at least partially. The big things that are lacking for us in the current team drawings are the actuation of the lifts, the geometry of the ropes (the support structure in the current team drawing that doesn’t exist on the actual field) and the overall footprint and visual obstruction of the airship.

I’ll be sure to post any drawings we make.

Our plan is to build a partial airship using (mostly) wood. It will have one davit, one set of gear spindles, and one lift. Hopefully that will be sufficient for our students to practice pilot duties. We will re-orient it to practice different auto modes.

Not me personally, but I know 195 and some of the other local teams will be building a practice field. Usually it’s pretty close approximation of the regular field.

2502 is hosting our local week zero event. We have a sponsor willing to manufacture one, if not both airships to full field specifications. So we are building field level airships.

For the team I was planning on building half of the hexagon and supporting it.

However, at the office we have a full playing field that is used by teams and was trying to figure out how to build the best approximate for a field in our space.

Any suggestions on this process are welcomed.

We are going to be building 1/2 of the airship. We want to have 1 or 2 lifts and atleast one rope assembly. It will be built almost entirely out of wood. Once our mentor finishes building the other field elements he will work out a design although I’m hoping by then someone else designed one.

Not really sure why first didn’t design a team version. We don’t have any problem at all designing one and our mentor would probably be thrilled to do it, but it does almost feel like we are doing their work.

Our team has access to those plastic folding platforms, that can be flat and 1’ tall, or folded down into risers/steps, like for a choir practice. We were able to use that for the platform, and the rest we are thinking of covering to make the hexagon shape. We only have 1 lift, though we might throw together another close replica later. Our team has a plywood Boiler and half a Hopper. Pilot practice will be really important because of how easily one can obtain a red card, so we hope to have a decent representation soon.

Good luck all!

Team 5484, we have the room and the ability so we wanted our drivers and human players used to moving around it.

If you are going to build an airship you should have two gear lifts on it. We are building one and with the two lifts we will be able to practice auton both straight on and to the side lift.

Thanks, we are currently converting over all of the regular field drawings to team drawing type wood structures for the airship to make ours but it’s a really long process, any drawings you guys come up with would really help. Thanks.

Nice! If only we had a sponsor like that too haha.

We are currently making great progress on a full airship out of metal, if anyone wants pictures I can share them down the road.

That’d be great, thanks.

FIRST gives out a team version of the airship that is supposed to hold 2 high school students. Kid get hurt when airship breaks, sues FIRST. This was a CYA move by FIRST.

I guess, it seems like a lot of teams are going to be making their own though. Some paperwork explaining liabilities and still releasing team versions would be useful. A lot of teams have to go through time in build season to make their own it looks like.

Wow. That’s a field. I assume you guys are going to do the whole airship and everything? If so, how did you plan for it / CAD draw it? Thanks. That’s really impressive actually both how grand the field is and how fast you guys have built it.

Nice, the airship will make a cool playhouse in someone’s back yard.