Team Mean Machine 2471: 2015 robot reveal

Team Mean Machine is proud to present our 2015 robot, Tote-O Stackins:

Please post any questions or comments in this thread.

Looks like a great machine guys!! Good luck this season!

Looks fantastic! Can’t wait to play with you guys at OC :slight_smile:

We have a lot to learn before we can make a swerve that well.

#TeamSwerve :cool:

Nice work!

Nice machine!!
I hope we get to play with you…perhaps at the District Champs!!
If we make it…

good luck!!

Found this by digging on youtube last night. View #2! :stuck_out_tongue:

Fantastic robot! I think it’s awesome looking (though I’ve become a bit biased towards red and black powder coating). I’m very excited to play with you guys in OC!

Thanks for the kind words! :smiley:

I figured I would give a list of features, considering that our video doesn’t showcase all of them.

  1. Fast internal tote stacker.
  2. Smooth and maneuverable swerve drive train.
  3. Active roller intake for landfill clearing.
  4. Container “gripper” can acquire upright and fallen RCs.
  5. Front latch holds in stacked totes automatically.
  6. Can place RCs on existing stacks up to 6 high.
  7. Compact swerve modules weigh less than 7lbs each.
  8. Stacks can be ejected onto a scoring platform, the step, or a tote on top of the step.
  9. Very low center of gravity. (Can tip past 45°in any direction without falling)

(254th post lol)

Brilliant design but then I’m biased. It’s actually quite weird that our teams a mere 45 minutes apart independently came up with robots so similar. Of course we can’t match your awesome, refined swerve drive.

Looks great guys! Super excited to see it play at OC

Does anodizing count? :slight_smile:

Pretty slick robot, guys! We look forward to competing with you at Wilsonville!

You guys are anodized this year? That’s even better. Tough and light. Did you get a sponsor for that? I can’t wait to see it.

I loved your video and your new ambitious machine. I think you guys have really stepped it up a notch this year. I’m looking forward to seeing Quasar in action at Oregon City this weekend!