Team Mean Machine 2471: 2016 robot reveal

Team 2471 is proud to present our FIRST Stronghold robot: Carbon Knight

I really don’t understand how you manage to build robots that embody the name “Mean Machine” yet still look elegant.

Amazing! Great design. The high release point will be deadly. I’m happy to see a great pnw team not go under the low bar. This robot looks amazing and shows so much potential!

I really like that little tiny wheel on the bottom that lifts up to align with the goal. Looks awesome!

Love the robot! I think your trade-off to not go under the low bar will pay off well… definitely enabled you to effectively do the Category C defenses and should help your shooting.

Love the aiming device. Just be careful of R6 in case you get hit hard and accidentally (and unintentionally) damage the carpet.

Traction devices must not have surface features such as metal, sandpaper, hard plastic studs,
cleats, hook-loop fasteners or similar attachments that could damage the ARENA. Traction devices
include all parts of the ROBOT that are designed to transmit any propulsive and/or braking forces
between the ROBOT and FIELD carpet.

Another beautiful robot from 2471! I’m looking forward to seeing it, you, and your dad later this season.

Thanks! I was very surprised when I started to realize that there would be so few tall robots in the PNW.

I appreciate the heads up, we are in the process of finding a suitable replacement.

Likewise! It should be fun!

Another innovative robot from 2471 that marches to a different drummer. It shows very astute analysis of the game. This is going to be one of the robots to take VERY seriously in the PNW especially if it can reliably make shots from the outer works.

Great job Mean Machine!!
I hope we get a chance to team up with you again this year!!
See you on the field!!

This a fantastic use of the trade-off of tall vs short. I’m looking forwards to seeing it in action