Team Mean Machine 2471 2019 Reveal


Mean Machine 2471 is proud to present our 2019 robot Epsilon:

This build season was a tough one, but I’m proud of everything the team has accomplished. Epsilon is our most complex, smallest, and lightest weight robot so far. With 12 encoded degrees of freedom, and weighing in at under 90 lbs.


That’s such a beautiful bot, good luck!


An impressive, mean-looking robot as always! Can’t wait to see it in person in a few weeks!


Love it. sad that I’ll only get to see it through video and CAD…



I really wish I could see this in person. Really interested in that swerve.


Differential swerve?


Wow, looking forward to seeing this in person! Great job!


I wish! Using an untested 3d printed module was enough risk for us. We would have to build a diff swerve in the offseason first.


What material was used? If it’s PETG keep a very close eye on it.


We’re using

So far it’s been a really great material for us. We invested in one of their printers this offseason. We’ll see how these modules hold up, obviosuly we have high hopes for it.


That is definitely not what I expected. Would love if you guys could go in depth later on in the season on how it performs.


I can’t get over the fact that this is under 90 lbs :astonished: Looking forward to seeing this up close at DCMP and also interested in seeing how well the swerve modules hold up. Could you share the individual weight of the module?


Each swerve module is right over 4 pounds without the skis attached.


When you say swerve module, what all are you including the the weight? Motors, wheels etc.


Yes all motors, wheels, and encoders are included in the 4 pounds.


Everything a reasonably astute observer would consider part of the swerve :wink:

Its actually everything that comes off the robot when we remove a module.


Do you have the motor controllers included in the weight? Congrats on moving side ways by the way!


Nope. All motor controllers are on the central electronics panels.


Oh it’s skis?! That’s pretty sendy. I was wondering what those were under the bot.


You beat us by 0.9 pounds! Really looking forward to taking a look at these close up.