Team Meetings

This is just out of curiosity, but what are the hours for the meetings on your team? Please post at least the following information. Your team #, #of people on team, and what what are your hours? In addition please include anything else that might be of interest.

Team 662 has about 60+ members and we meet daily from 6-9 and 10-6 Saturday. Though we have a lot of members, we usually don’t have more than 30 at the build site at any one time.

How about your team?

Team 812 has about 50 members. Meed daily from 4-7 (or as the challenge dictates). 10-4 on Saturday’s (as needed).

Team 571 has around 25 students and 10 mentors. We meet 6-8 Mondays, 6-9 other weeknights, and 10-3 on Saturdays.

Team 365 MOE has about 35 students and 20ish mentors and we meet 5:30-8:30 Monday, Wensday and Thursdays and 1-5 on Sundays. Other sub-teams meet as needed.

Team 461 has at the moment somewhere in the range of 50-60 students on the team. We are divided into 3 different subteams: Public Relations, IT, and Tech.

The public relations and IT subteams meet Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6-9 PM, and Sundays from 1-4. The Technical (Build/Programming/Drive/CAD/Electronics/etc) subteam meets pretty much everyday from 6-9 or more if necessary. Some Saturdays are full days, such as from 9-6 or whatnot.

Having too many people at one time doing stuff can be a critical problem. The larger a team grows, and the fact that the computer lab doesn’t grow that much, is difficult for IT and Tech to combine sometimes, and PR is generally limited to 4 computers in a different room. Knowing what days people should come is critical.

Team 177 has about 30 students and about 12 mentors, when everyone is there. Our regular meeting attendance, however, is probably more like 20. We meet for two weekdays (usually Wednesday/Thursday) from 5-8, and on Saturdays from 10-6. We also meet for about four hours on Sunday afternoon, although those meetings are more sparsely attended than others. As for meeting structure, we usually meet as a team for about the first half and hour and talk about orders of business (such as schedules for the next week, what individual groups will be doing today), and then we break up into groups, which, at this point in the year, as far as I can tell, are Controls, Manufacturing, CADD, and Strategy.

1293 has somewhere around 30 total kids, and (counts…) eight mentors.

Our hours are Tuesdays 6-8, Thursdays 4:30-6:30, and Saturdays from 10-5. I’m planning for it to expand as ship date approaches.

team 663 has about 30 members and meets saturdays 1-3 ish, and then for two days of the week 7:30 - 9:00 (9:30)

862 has about 65 members this year. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday build meetings we meet 5pm to 8pm. Wednesday are our large group meetings during build 5pm to 6pm then build meetings from 6pm to 8pm (off season 5pm to 6:30pm). Saturdays 9am to 5pm which last longer farther into build. Sundays are our day off but this is subject to change in the last half of build. On the Saturdays our parent booster club (RPM) brings in lunch for us which is a big help.

Team 1446
Meets every day from 3:30-7 and Saturday 9-4.
We have 35 members but about 20 show up on a regular basis.

Working together makes it better!

Our team is about 50 students and I would say 10 mentors. We meet every Thursday 3-5, and every Saturday from 8-12. During the last week of the build season the electrical and mechanical sub-teams go in almost every day after our mentors work-day is finished (5:30-6)

Team 836 about 40 members or so

Weekdays 6:00 until about 8:30
Weekends and holidays 9 am until whenever we get done… which for the last three days has been around 4:00 pm

Team 104 has about 25 members and meets Monday-Thursday from 6-8, Fridays from 5:30-7:30, and some Saturdays from 9-5(different groups at different times). However, some groups such as programming do most of their work at home.

team 1236 has 30+ members this year, i think 5-6 mentors…
we meet a couple days a week 3:30-6ish, then on saturday from 10ish to 3:00.
later in the season we start staying longer, but for right now we’re still planning and doing the theory on designs

oh, and we built our drive train

Team 45 has between 20 and 30 student team members. We go from 230 until 6PM on weekdays, Saturday’s 9-4 and Sundays 1-5. If we are off on a scheduled hoilday or day off we go in around 12 until 6.

Team 1474 meets every schoolday 2-5 and Saturdays are usually 12-6ish. Our team size is somewhere in the 20s but our meeting attendance is usually around 9-10 (we’re pretty disappointed in the dedication our freshmen and sophmores have been showing). We’ve got about 10 mentors and per meeting its only 1-3 mentors.

Our team is 007, Parkville Robotics.
We have about 30 people on the team this year…more than last year.
Our hours: 4-8pm on weekdays, and 10am-4pm on Saturdays. We do not meet if there is a snowday, but on days our school has off (for a holiday or whatnot) we try to meet.

S.P.A.M. 180

We have about 70 students and 10 mentors. We meet 6:30 pm-8:30 pm Monday - Thursday unless it’s a holiday or exams. We stay later if necessary later on in the season. We also meet on Saturdays from 10 am - 4 pm or later depends on what’s going on. We occaisionly will do Friday night meetings and Sunday meetings with certain people to finish up various tasks.

619 has about 20 students. We meet Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6-8 and Saturdays and Sundays from 1-6. Weekday meetings will increase in frequency in the last few weeks.


Team 191 has 32 students and about 19 mentors, I believe and we meet every Wednesday from 2-7 (4-7 for adult mentors) and 9-5 on Saturdays with optional days in between (*part of the requirement for kids to travel is to volunteer for the extra hours of work required to finish the robot and any other projects we have to do.