Team member Nick Names

I’m sure all of you have experienced this. It is completely normal and very much part of the bonding process that takes place as a team forms: we develop nick names for each other.

What I would love to hear are some of those names. What I would also love to hear is the reason why that name was given, that always seems to make the name make more sense and that is where the bonding starts. These names can be for current or past members, Mentors or Advisers. In fact, anyone that is or has been connected to your team is fair game.

Please remember before you respond, this is a GP place. Please use common sense when replying. I know there are names that just do not need to be shared, so please don’t.

OK, I’ll start.

We now have a student how will forever be known as “Quarter Inch”. This is not because of his stature but is because he was the first to break a drill bit this year. It was a 1/4" bit.
To be fair, one of my nick names is “Double Square”. Why? Same reason as Quarter Inch, except, I broke a 9/64" bit.
Engineering students = witty sense of humor.:rolleyes:

Besides my obvious nickname of Dinsmoor, people call me “fearless leader” from time to time. For the past year I’ve been a team captain, and with that role comes with some responsibilities. When I normally have to do something, people usually refer to me as “fearless leader” when they are jokingly mocking me for the work I have to do as a leader. :slight_smile: It’s all in jest though.

Another nickname that we have on our team is “Battery Boy/Girl”. Every year a student volunteers to be in charge of the batteries for the year (charging, fixing, and putting in the robot), and so they get the title “Battery Boy/Girl”.
Just a fun little thing we do on our team :smiley:

mine: Wildcat, Urkle i got “Urkle” cause i dressed up as a nerd @ my team’s hallloween party, i had suspenders and everything :stuck_out_tongue:
some of the other interesting ones on my team: Tick-Tack, Dr. Freshy-Fresh

We typically have nicknames on the back of hoodies, chosen by the student of course.

My favorite this year is Dillons “Why yes, i did make a 6 wheel swerve drive”

I’ve had a kind of changing nickname that changes over the years. My freshman year, it was freshman(for obvious reasons). that same year, I had to redo something I forgot about now but Ever since I’ve been refresh. The mentors tried to change it over the years by naming me tri-fresh during my junior year and quadra-fresh my senior year but they didn’t stick. So I’m still refresh for as long as I live in robotics.

People on my team have been known to call me Foxy, Josh Foxy, Joshy Foxy, or Josh Fox.

Anything except just Josh :rolleyes:

I’m ok with it :smiley:

Last year I got the name “Wing Leader”. We made a stop during the bus ride to nationals at some wings place, and they had crowns with various puns on them. You can guess which one I grabbed :stuck_out_tongue:

Ed SMASH -I break things( Not important things they don’t touch those things things) I broke bent a drill in a drill while it was off,bent a pieice of alum in half like 3 times,almost cut a miterer in half,got a jigsaw blade broke in half and much more ^^

Sparky - He’s now a mentor for wiring and programming.

Compressor Kate - We didn’t have enough weight left for the compressor on the robot one year, so we built a compressor backpack (battery, pressure release valve, etc…) for the coach to charge the tanks before each match. I’ve always said the job of coach is 90% pack-mule.

“What’s his name” Harper? - Yeah, what was his name.

Gimpy - Hurt her ankle, was on crutches all season.

Junkie - I can’t remember where this came from, but it isn’t what you’re thinking.

Kerichelle - this was actually two students who did everything together so we gave them one name.

Gumby, Dr. Gumby, Mr. Dr. Gumby (me) - that’s a long (and boring) story.

as my user nickname suggests, “Furher Glitterpaint” due to two parts… the first comes from being captain, while the second comes from a facetious comment i made one day involving making team t-shirts…

Last year, my nickname alternated from either “flippy”, “tapeworm”, or “freshman”. “Flippy” because apparently my name was too hard to pronounce, “tapeworm” because i ate a lot and was said to have one, and “freshman” because i was the team’s only freshman.

The first two still apply this year.

We have several nick names for team members.

Mine is Cadman because I am the main CAD person for the team and I am the one who really started the CAD team to begin with. :]

Another member is called Doughnut because a long time ago he accidentally quoted Doughnut from Red Vs Blue in class without ever seeing the show

We also joke around with calling our main driver “The Welder” because he loves to weld stuff at the technical school he goes to.

And then there is our mentor, Mr. Hildebrandt who we simply call “H” for obvious reasons.

What did Doughnut say to earn his nickname?

We have a girl on the team that is so weird and random that she is SPAZ. Someone else is Nitro cause you never know when she’ll go off on you. Another girl is Clutz cause she kept falling down stairs at an off season event. One kid is Thumper cause he NEVER stops moving his leg. A brother and sister are Waage (the brother) and Waage^2 cause its their last name. I’m Strobelight because I have extreme bipolar symptoms that are fast like strobelights. My favorite is Muffin. We went to Waage’s house before a meeting and two kids were playing Halo and Washito (someone who’s last name is Washburn) was playing as default and the other kid was playing on a profile called Muffin :smiley:

Our mentor, Phil Harris got the nickname of White Chocolate Phil Phlash. This is because a few years ago we put his name into a “Gangsta” name generator. The White Chocolate is cause of his race. The Phil is cause that is his name and the phlash just sounds cool.

Mr. Pockets: My universal forum name; originally made for a make-believe character I made up (one which I’ve never actually written a book around though). I just chose it for my team hoodie and such and for some reason people actually started calling me by the name. People seem to find it quirky or something.

Miss Masterlink: Nickname for our master of chains (she had it as her title on here for a little while)

Welda boy/The little welder boy: One of our rookies who already possesses great skill welding.

Milhouse: I’m not even sure. I guess some people just thought he looked like milhouse from the simpsons. Working on actually using his real name instead though.

Our first year, our team captain, a senior, accidentally used touched both terminals of the battery with a screwdriver earning the name Sparky.
I did the same thing a few days later, and got the name Sparky Junior since I was a freshman.

Although not a nickname, my team now has a new way of measuring error:
Ace–1/8th of an inch or less
In honor of one of our freshmen this year, who consistently drilled holes that were an 1/8th of an inch away from where they were supposed to be.

Haha, mine is a self-proclaimed title, nobody actually calls me that :stuck_out_tongue:

Very few people call Milhouse by his real name. He’s even in my phone as Milhouse, and I’ve gone to school with him since elementary school.

There are also a few other odd ones from our team…

Newbie - He’s a senior now, but he was the only rookie from his rookie year that was actually active on the team. Nobody who’s younger than him really knows him as Newbie, but a lot of the alumni do.

Millory - Well, her real name is Mallory. Her specialty from freshman year has been using our mill, and somebody made the connection one day.

Kallory - What happens when someone tries to say “Kara and Mallory” too fast. Mallory and I are the team captains this year, so we’re often referred to as a pair. In emails, we’re often “K&M”

Wrenchie - (I THINK this is how the story goes) Last year, one of our rookies was holding the doors open for someone carrying in donated items from GM. Someone had opened one of the boxes and pulled out a giant wrench, which, from quite a distance away in the dark, looked like a gun, so she flipped out a little bit. She was known as Wrenchie for the season (unfortunately, she’s not with us any more due to a commitment to Tae Kwon Do)

I don’t really have a nickname any more. It used to be “Karibou,” but after using it for three years, it’s gotten old. I really wish I had one, though…

There’s another Chris on 2791 who is a senior design leader. It’s cool to work with him since he knows a lot about what I don’t (machining), and I know a tiny bit about the reverse. Regardless, this leads to a lot of confusion, so people call me “RPI Chris”, “Chris is me”, “Picone”, etc.

I never really got a nickname on 1714, probably because I was the only Chris on the team.

they call me Gorrilla, because I broke some stuff, specifically our last piece of 1" AL. square tube…

We were building the scissor lift for our 2008 robot. We had one 28" piece left that needed to be cut after I had cut the 7 other ones, I clamped it under the miter saw, pulled the handle to turn it on, and pushed down too fast because I wasn’t really paying attention. The saw then proceeded to bend the tube into a nice U-shape.

It dosent help that im 6’3 and 200 pounds either lol

I dont mind it usually, but its kind of embarrasing when you break something and 12 people tell you to sit down for a banna-break. :rolleyes: