Team Merch Trades: What did you get?

Just wanted to say thank you to the people I traded with. I gota Stellar pair of zebra pants from team 900 and a rad baseball cap from 2338 (both of which I will be wearing tomorrow). I’m just curious to see what other goodies other people got.
:smiley: :smiley:

Thanks for the trade the cap didn’t fit me. :smiley: but along with the shirt you traded me I got a #1023 Bedford Express shirt and #280 TnT. I will be wearing them throughout the week and loved the trades. Thanks alot.

Got a great shirt from the fighting Unicorns… it looks sooo good

1912 shirt (thanks Alex!), 1011 shirt (thanks Kinney!), 2486 shirt and hat (thanks David!), and 2014/2015 volunteer shirts (thanks Gregor!).

Yeah, I know the last one’s a little weird, but hey - shirts are shirts.

I literally started trading for the shirts on people’s backs on Saturday night.

I ended up getting shirts from 195 (a nice athletic shirt), 649, 1114, 1310 (along with sweats), 3467 (a polo), 3476, 4334, and a 2015 champs volunteer shirt (free cause I volunteered).

Next year the goal is to get every 2015 Einstein winner and some more cool shirts

On a side note, the FIRST store using a different vendor other than Logo Loc was VERY disappointing! Not much merchandise to get at all.:confused:

I managed to get two shirts in the very last day. One from 469 (Las Guerrillas) and one from 2337 (The Enginerds).

I took one look at that line and said “nope”. I went online to their website, found a few things that I liked, ordered online and went to go find food.

This season I was able to get my hands on the following shirts:

Walked away from my first FIRST Championship with some great trades:


Thanks to all who traded with me, I hope to be able to trade more at Champs again next year.

This is my haul!

Shirts that I acquired as well but are not pictured here,
FRC 3250
FLL 22300
FRC 148 Black shirt with colored logo
FRC 1574

Total number of shirts: 24

I now have shirts from all of our 2013 Einstein Alliance teams, 2014 Einstein Alliance teams(except 5136), and 2015 Einstein Alliance teams(except 5012), the 2 missing I should be able to get this offseason.

First, I must applaud you on obtaining all of this awesome stuff.

And second, How??!?!?!?!?!? I think you just won the title of Hardcore Shirt Trader! :smiley: :smiley: :cool:

I traded Turner’s cubes for most of them.

Unfortunately FIRST asked Logoloc to expand to do more than before, and logoloc wasn’t able to do it. It was very disappointing.

I got a 2468 shirt on the last day of Champs. Turns out the guy had been out in the rain and just wanted a dry shirt. Can’t blame him.

I didn’t actually go to champs, but I had a friend of mine trade a 3883 Spirit Shirt (they’re not plain green) for another friend’s 254 shirt. :slight_smile:

I managed to get my hands on a 118 Robonauts mentor only polo. Thank you Luis.
Also i managed to get a 1671 Buchanan Bird Brains.

This year I picked up a 68, 195 (thanks Griffin!), 217, and 1646. Last year I also got a 1625 and a 1023 (which became SUPER valuable this year :D). I haven’t picked up many SUPER big name shirts, although my goal is to grab 27, 33, and 67 before I graduate. 148, 254, and 1114 would also be amazing as well.

Does anyone know what teams actually sell their shirts online? I know 254 does. I ask because I figure these superpower shirts are in such high demand that students just don’t have enough to trade.

That white on red 148 shirt is trippy. I liked the black on black they ran with in 2014 (I think). Pretty sure a student or two of ours picked one of those up.

One day maybe we’ll be cool enough to do that.

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610 has an online store but they’re pretty easy to trade with.