Team Merch

Hey all, I was wondering what teams sell what types of merch, and what types of merch you all would be interested in buying.

We’ve got an assortment of shirts and hoodies available, along with pins, car stickers, lanyards, beanies, duffel bags, and drawstring bags. I know that we also made some coffee mugs this year, but they were sponsor gifts rather than public merch. My favorite pieces of team merch are stainless steel water bottles that I have from 2485 and 1538, and I think they would probably be popular items if sold publicly.

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We’ve mostly just done various shirts, jackets, and fleeces over the years, including our Current CustomInk campaign: Team 330: The Beach Bots Apparel | Final Call

The only other item I can think of is lanyards we made this year for champs with the safety clasp at the back.

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