Team MisCar 1574: 2022 Robot Reveal

Team MisCar 1574 is proud to present our 18th robot!


Custom designed swerve drive

  • Absolute encoder on the rotation shaft allowing for compactness, reduced weight, and simplicity
  • Modular chassis connection
  • Artificial Intelligence assisted weight releases for maximum durability


  • Front and back pairs of 6” Colson Performa wheels
  • Designed for simple control
  • Four 3” Colson Performa intake wheels for alignment and acceleration of the CARGO
  • Modular configurations for CARGO pressure


  • A pair of moving actuators using timing belts to reduce weight
  • A pair of permanent hooks for a stable and fast climb
  • Carefully designed to fit under the TRUSS to fit more robots


  • Mecanum wheels along the vertical axis to lower the balls from the intake
  • A color sensor to stop and filter the balls
  • Designed with a spline method for compactness and an optimal path for the CARGO


  • Flexible polycarbonate sides for easy replacement and durability
  • Connected using ropes for automatic retraction upon impact


  • A modular drag and drop dashboard for the drivers
  • Failsafe for absolute encoders and Limelights disconnecting
  • Intake CARGO detection and autonomous intake using Limelight Python pipelines
  • Autonomous climbing routine

Competing at:

  • Israel District Event 1
  • Israel District Event 3

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