Team Mottos and Slogans 2008 Edition

Saw an old thread from 05 and wanted to bring something like it back up. So, what is your team motto? How did it come about? What’s the story behind it and does it really represent your team?

Ours has always been “FIRST we will be best, then we will be FIRST.” Mind you, this was our school’s motto before our own so I personally don’t feel anything when I hear it.

Something that we continuously brought up in Atlanta was team culture and I think the motto should represent your team.
I want to make our new motto “Doing what we do, and moving forward.” If you were at our team meetings, you would so understand its depth.

So, out of curiosity, I want to hear yours and the reasoning and depth behinds its words.

Our team motto this year was We Not Me.
It replaced a previous motto that no one really had an idea what it stood for called K.R.A.N.K. T.H.A.T.

Team Exothermic Robotics
Motto: “It was on fire when we got here.”

Team 171
Motto: Shake and Bake

Team Overdrive 2007/2008: Lock & Load, BABY!

It was meant to say GET THAT GOAL for Quad Quandary this year.

1086 is Blue Cheese and I guess we’ve had two slogan’s/mottos this year: “A Slice of FIRST” and “Stay Sharp.” :smiley:

Team 2080
Motto: “Learn to build, build to play, play to win.”

“where pigs fly” Because we really thought we wern’t gonna make it through our first build season two years ago.

Plus we’ve found a couple of fun ways to levitate pigs:D

Team 910
The Foley Freeze
Motto: Stopping Our Opponents Cold

A play on words and all of that fun stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Before I joined 665 our motto was Getting Impossible Results, due to the highly random nature of results that come from our robots, and a combination of inside jokes.

This year, two years after our switch to the team name MAYHEM (Making Absurd Yet Highly Engineered Machines), we changed our motto over to It Works… In Theory. That motto is kind of the story of our team, we design and everything should work well, but something always ends up getting botched in the execution. Or we just get some result that can’t be predicted beforehand. So now when we talk about our ideas, we add the disclaimer, it works in theory.


add to that “It ain’t easy being cheesy!”

TIMS doesn’t show any official motto for 1618, but Capital Robotics more or less purloined The Standard Is Excellence, a phrase first seen around the school with the former principal whose name escapes me. (The school has moved away from it for the most part; as the USC student, I’m always the last to know.)

Within the team, several catchphrases have developed. Tell anyone in the shop to act like they’ve got some sense, and someone will invariably chime in with “What would your grandmother say?”. The kids are still working on the Crank That Billfred (silently shaking one’s head back and forth in disapproval), but I doubt that one will be lighting up YouTube anytime soon.

“We Build People!”

Team 2337’s AAAAAAAAAA-Boom could be heard throughout the Curie stands.

Precision Guessworks had the motto “Seeing red again” as we returned our team colors to red and black. Between the mentors we also had a motto of “Exceeding the minimum requirements.”

for 2008 we used “Raising the Bar”

Team 250 - The Dynamos
Motto: “The Possibilities are Endless”

Personally I liked the idea of saying “close catapault” in 08 when we launched the trackball (from the movie “The Sandlot”) in addition to this motto

team 1690 - the answer
“We came
We saw
We tipped over”

Team 2669 - “Robots are great, but it is greater we’re not robots”

While on the field: “Drive it like you stole it” (Also the name of our ROBOT)