Team Mottos

I am curious to hear other team mottos since not all of them are stuck on shirts and buttons. I assume we will decide our motto on Dec 2. at our next meeting, I plan on just throwing out a couple suggestions and we just vote on one. Do you feel a motto should be humorous, or should it reflect the goals of your team?

If you are part of a powerhouse team and your motto has been around for a while and haven’t ever gotten the chance to make one, then I’d like to invite all to help come up with suggestions for my team and I’ll pick some of my favorites to bring to the meeting next thursday.

We are the Harmony Hurricanes, so I was thinking something like “Our eye is on the future.”

I think it should reflect the goals of your team.
Your team motto is shown on the FIRST website, your team website, and in the booklets each team gets every year at regionals and at Kickoff. Every team will see it, including people who work with other teams and volunteers. It should reflect what your team is all about, if no one knows of your team offhand.
Our team motto has, I think, always been “Bringing Maryland Business Together”. Mainly because we’re pretty much run like a business, and we work with a lot of contrasting businesses. It really is a way to bring all sorts of businesses together.
As for your motto you thought of, it’s excellent! I like that one a lot. I don’t think I could make up something better than that, since I’m not as creative as some. =)
Good thread, BB!

Personally, make it something that makes your team happy. 1089s motto, doesn’t actually reflect the team in any way, but we all laugh whenever we hear it. Team Mercury is “Home of the Purple Monkey.” Yeah, it doesn’t make sense, I know. But it’s also a conversation piece. People always want to know what on earth a purple monkey has to do with mercury.

We’ve also tried out things like “We’re an element…of surprise!” and “Mercury Rising!” So yes, they can be silly things related to your team. In addition, here’s my suggestion:

Harmony Hurricanes: We’re blowing past the competition

Team 237 is known as an alernate name of the T.R.I.B.E., but how many of you actually know what that stands for?

Well, it’s:


It was first our motto, and then some announcers just started calling us the Tribe.
(Not to be confused with Team 224, The Tribe from Piscataway HS in NJ, of who I have a shirt from. :slight_smile: )

Our team motto used to be “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”… but we got rid of it because it was kind of corny and it didn’t really reflect our team – no one really liked it and there was no meaning behind it.

Last year however, Andy Brockway, our engineer, showed us a cartoon of a frog, about to be swallowed by a bird (a pelican I think?). Even though it looked like the frog was doomed, the frog had it’s hands around the bird’s throat… trying to strangle it and make it let go. Underneath the picture, the caption said “Never Give Up!” … and now the phrase “Be the Frog” has been our motto ever since.

For a team motto, **I would recommend something that speaks for the team, and is meaningful for some reason. ** One of the reasons we like “Be the Frog” so much is that we come from a very rural area, have limited resources and have a small team. We have a disadvantage without large corperate sponsorships and technical advisors (we have only 1 engineer to help us). I guess the feeling of us overcoming these roadblocks, and STILL managing to be a very sucessful team, gives meaning to a depiction of the underdog overcoming the challenges set before them. Our team was unanimous about choosing the phrase “Be The Frog”, because in a sense, we ARE the frog. We will never give up because we know that we have what it takes to overcome the challenges we face.

In short, choose something that reflects your team’s situation, speaks for the team’s goals, and is inspirational to your team members.

“We don’t build robots, we build engineers.”

When you graduate after 4-years as a 229 mentor, you’re probably a helluva enginerd. (If you graduate ;)).

“Education is our passport to the future. The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

  • Malcolm X

Our team motto always depends on our robot’s name. Well, not really, but it does change every year, just like the robot name does…

For example, Blondie Girl is our 2004 robot. She’s the first metal robot we’ve ever made. Turns out, we didn’t like working with metal since we’re so inexperienced with it. So our current motto is "Do not metal in the affairs of robots."

I personally prefer the humorous mottos over the goal-based ones…

Being the Miracle Workerz, the motto of Team 365 is

“Making Miracles Happen”

an off-shoot of this we use is

“Making Miracles Happen - One Student at a Time”

Previously, we had a the motto

“Carpe MOE - Seize the MOEment”

Our motto is Bee all you can bee.
after all we are the Robobees

“Engineering with attitude!”

Our team exactly :stuck_out_tongue:

Our motto is “Student Conceived, Student Achieved”
It means pretty much what it says. Our robot is designed, built, and driven by student team members.

Base your motto on something that has meaning to your team. It is a good idea to pick a motto that will last. Our team was the first Canadian team to join FIRST so we used the motto “The Force From the North” and our robot is Blizzard.

Our motto represents what our team is about, “Sharing The Passion”. I think it fits because that is what we won the Chairmans Award for.

Our team, Raider Robotix (25), has the motto: “Nothing is beyond our reach,” Which I think fits with our team in that ever since our formation years ago, we have been striving to do better and achieve greater things. We know that if we believe in ourselves, nothing can stop us!

Team Motto: "Building the Foundations of Tomorrow with the Minds of Young People"

The motto for Team 357, Royal Assault is “Dare Mighty Things”. The motto comes from an inspirational speech given by President Theodore Roosevelt.

" Far better is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat." ~ Teddy Roosevelt

The motto represents the team’s philosophy both on and off the field. :smiley:

Team name: theory6 (Team Hansen Experience of Robotic Youth)
Our motto: “The end is just the beginning…”

At first, we had the motto “It’s a robot thing” Throughout the year, while working on Chairman’s Award, we thought really hard about it and added to small words. “It’s not just a robot thing” This reflects the outreach that our team does, and our everyday attitude- FIRST Isn’t just about the robots, it’s about Gracious Professionalism, co-opetition, and outreach also.

As of 2004, 1293’s motto was “We’re on a mission from Bob.”

(Bob, for the record, is our overbuilt, window motor, electrical-tape numbered robot from last year. Which we finally pried the plexiglass top from tonight. It’s only been…seven months.)

There have been rumblings of changing that, but if I were a betting man, I’d put my money on the above.