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So, 2 years ago my rookie team had about 5 dedicated members of the team that would stay almost until the end of every meeting and we quickly found we worked better listening to music. From this realization, we made a Spotify playlist. 3 years later the playlist has grown to over 400 songs and almost 30 hours long.
I still listen to it all the time when I’m working on projects or working on things around the house.
Do any teams have similar playlists or things they listen to while they work?

Last year, our drive team listened to countless hours of edm and remixes at practices.

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I have a pandora station which I’ve curated over the past 2-ish years. It’s had 1200+ different songs.

Hey Hey Hey check out this litty spotify playlist!!!:yikes: :yikes: :yikes:

Our shop mentor Jeff is at the site every day all day and thus runs the radio. A classic "oldies station which sadly is music I grew up with (Paula Abdul is now considered oldie music).

Here is the playlist my team listens to in the shop.

Currently, whenever we have music playing, we play classic rock.

This started back in 2017 when we were inbetween build locations, and the shop we were at “Fab-N-Weld”, always had classic rock playing, even at night when we were there. Once we switched locations, we created a spotify playlist that had similar music since that was one genre everybody on the team didn’t mind hearing. We now refer to classic rock as “Fab-N-Weld” Music.

are these playlists word friendly?

My team uses this one:

It’s still pretty fresh and it tries to incorporate a lot of different styles of music.

Mine is!

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What do you mean by word friendly?

as in clean and do not contain explicits

The one at the top (mine) contains explicit ones however there aren’t that many and probably could be weeded out since spotify labels the explicit songs. I mean unless someone has a problem with them or your playing it at an official event type thing probably won’t be to much of an issue.

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We just use the coaches pandora playlist with no songs past about 1995

Our coach has a Pandora station that is a lot of alt rock/classic rock

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Outliers used to play robot reveal videos sometimes in the background, which can be enjoyed by all, but given that most of us have different tastes in music I’d have quit the team if they forced their music onto me.

We play rock in late afternoons and bang our heads out. Very effective in masking that nerdy stereotype.

Either that or remixes of children’s songs.

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My Programming subteam has its own playlist compiled of everything from Taylor Swift to weird Al


Just yes :joy:

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This sounds word for word like our music playlist(s), just with a little bit of heavy metal thrown in for good measure.

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A LOT of progressive rock/ jazz. and some R & B thrown it. I recommend adding any song from:

The Reign of Kindo
The Dear Hunter (mustard gas and the thief are real bangers)
Thank you Scientist