Team Names – How?

Well we are team 384. We just decided to make it easy and use our team number as our name. Humm us lazy Virginia people :). Our robot name is the same as last year. SPARKY 3.0 ! We should have a site up with pics of our FIRST COMPLEATED prototype! I will post when we have it up.


ahh behold a shower of sparks…o wait thats our robot trying to move!

Well, back to the days when we were the only team from Colorado, our team name was Colorado Robotics, but last year 2 rookie teams, one form Denver and one from Colorado Spring participated in the same regional as we were, and the Denver team registered as Colorado Robotics, so we changed our team name to Alpine Robotics, which I think we will stick with for a while.

As for our bot, the name changes every year, but last year we have officially come to a general consensus to name our robot CAM the RAMBot, because we want to draw our potential sponsor, Colorado State university, into supporting us financially as well. CAM stands for Colorado Academy of Mines, which is the old name for CSU and the Rams is their mascot. So far, they haven’t promise anything yet, but they do allow us to work in a lab located in the engineering building, which is quite nice… However, we were surprised how many teams were named RAMBot as well, so we might change it to CAMBot this year.

I’d love to tell you a funny story about how we got our team’s name(SigmaC@ts)…But I dont know. I’ve spent the last couple years trying to find out , and to my knowledge noone remembers or is willing to admit why we named it that. Our school Mascot is the Panther, which explains the cat(but not the @ symbol…) and sigma is a greek letter. There have been a few attempts by the students to change it, but we’ve had it so long it would seem sacrilege to change it. Let this be a lesson to all rookie teams, WRITE THIS STUFF DOWN!

Team 191 - Xerox-Joseph C Wilson Magnet HS - X-CATS

In the same line with some other teams we’re almost kinda obvious.

CATS = Wilson WildCats (mascot)

Also side note - Wilson Magent HS was named after Joseph C. Wilson founding CEO of XEROX.

Thus our 11 year partnership tradition is linked by this historic fact.


The RoboDAWGS (Team 288) were named by Mr. Dolloff in the 1999 season as something to put on our registration papers. Grandville’s teams are the Bulldogs. The phonetic spelling mimics a lot of Grandville banners, T-shirts, etc. spelled this way. This is primarily athletic stuff, although the theater group calls themselves the Drama DAWGS as well. Anyway, it seems to have stuck, although some students have questioned the logic of it

After some initial logo attempts, Bob Mills, a senior on the team, came up with our rookie year logo for the T-shirts and robot. Great design, but complicated and expensive to reproduce. Us folks from Michigan melted with black shirts in the heat of Florida.

The 2000 team had one primary focus for uniforms and logo- a brighter color. Sophmore Brian DeVries came up with the angular Bulldog head used on literature and the shoulders of our shirts. The main color scheme and shirt design was inspired by a box at one of our Saturday design sessions.

The identity and recognition of our team has skyrocketed with the bright colors, the performance of the robots, the animation team, and of course, some excellent team members.

Since our teacher sponsor has a side job of raising cattle… he owns 40 head of them… we decided to name our robot “Beefeater” I still don’t know why because cows don’t eat themselves… and we neglected the fact that beefeater is also the name of a gin and a gentelmans magazine…

we got our name after a long fight… I dont know WHO came up with it, but we’re sticking to it!!


Robotics And Creative Engineering

and our robot is RACER- just add Robot at the end


We had a long debate with all the members over what to rename Team 217 this year. There was a slight change in team sponsorship, so we are no longer Team Macomb. We welcomed all ideas and made it a rule not to criticize or blatantly reject any possible names. As with all teams we wanted a catchy name that would be embedded into the brains of other teams. Then one of our Ford engineers with a stroke of brilliance (we have to give them credit once in a while), suddenly came out with, how about the “ThunderChickens.” We knew that was it then and there, a marketing division’s dream. We’re having tons of fun with the name already. Here’s two examples: our Team Motto is: Engineering New Ways to Cross The Road." The robots name is “The Colonel”, you can guess why. Look for the 217 ThunderChickens at the competition this year. We guarantee you won’t forget us.

Wayne P
ThunderChickens CEO

Rockin’ Robots

Thunder Chicken reminds me of a cartoon, late 60’s called
Super Chicken it had a really catchy theme song.

"When you think your lifes in danger
When your threatned by a stranger
When you think you will get a lickin

Well you get it.

We haven’t officially set on a name yet, there is an unofficial one.

Forrest Gumball

Well have fun.

TEAM !! 236 !!


Team 568 is “Nerds of the North”. The kids came up with the name last year (rookie year) when they had a meeting and looked at themselves. It was adopted by unanimous consent. It must come from some “North to Alaska” type expression (we are in Anchorage Alaska). In a reflection of the harsh environment the kids also came up with the motto “Adapt, migrate, or die”.

The machine is called “Absolute Zero”, hopfully a reflection more of the temp than the score!

Our robots name is always ADIDAR (All Day I Dream About Robots) thought up by a student in our academic sponsors Biology class. We are know as the Adidarons. When we were looking for the names of the teams some were very distasteful and this one has stuck, and kind of unique. Happy roboting KY :smiley:

The rookie Rat Pack (Team 830, Huron High) derived its name from school’s mascot, the River Rats. Huron High is located on the Huron River in Ann Arbor, MI.

Back around 1970 when the school first opened, they allowed the students to choose their own school mascot. They chose that one, much to the consternation of parents <chuckle>, because of the amount of Rodentia present around the river. At first, the parents howled and wanted it changed, but they SAID the students could choose it and were stuck with it! Besides, they were having WAY too much fun with it, so the parents backed off. It’s now been around for 30 years and well accepted by the community. We have the Bat Rats (baseball team), Mat Rats (wrestling), etc.

Our team entered the CDI shortly after forming last fall. We had to have SOMETHING for the CDI contest’s program, so we started throwing out names at a meeting. We knew we wanted to tie this fledgling program to the school so it students would identify with it and join. Then someone suggested “Rat Pack”. It was definitely a head slapping “Yea, of COURSE” moment with everyone! <grin>

As for the robot, we WANTED to name it to be something apropos for the contest at hand. The CDI printing deadline was AFTER the contest was revealed. Our robot for the CDI contest was called “Pack Rat”, as the problem was to collect OJ jugs and shuffle them around from shelf to shelf. Since running around randomizing objects’ locations is exactly what a real Pack Rat DOES, it was definitely appropriate.

It’s too bad that the FIRST printing lead times don’t allow for us to name the robot after the contest is revealed! Since we didn’t know what this contest was about yet when the program deadline came up, we just decided to keep the same name for this, our first FIRST contest.

But now we’re finding we tend to tie a name too tightly to one robot. Although our FIRST machine will also be called Pack Rat, we’re definitely using the name “Pack Rat” to refer specifically to our CDI contest machine (in fond memory, as it had to be torn down for recycling <sniff>). We’re probably going to have to start thinking about annual robot names.

Any chance FIRST might ever set up a situation to allow us all to name our robots AFTER we find out about the problem?

BTW… One concept bantered about is in the future using famous “positive image” cartoon rat names for the individual robots, especially those that are popular enough to have stuffed animals made after them, so suggestions ARE appreciated to add to our list. An example might be Rizzo, from Henson Associates (Muppet fame), a Pokémon character, or the like. (Gee, we’ve found that for some reason it’s HARD to find positive “rat” dolls! Stores don’t seem to get into rats as much as they do the “cuddly” animals! <head scratch> :wink:

BTW… Do any of the teams ever dress or decorate themselves as some variant of their mascot for contests, or have their “furry suit” mascot come along to the Regionals?

  • Keith

    Keith McClary, Advisor, Huron High Rat Pack, Team 830

*Originally posted by kmcclary *
**BTW… Do any of the teams ever dress or decorate themselves as some variant of their mascot for contests, or have their “furry suit” mascot come along to the Regionals?

Last year at Gret Lakes Regional, we had one of our college students dress up in our school mascot’s suit. Since Rochester High School is the Falcons, we had a giant blue falcon wearing one of our team T-shirts. The Husky Brigade even gave us an award for the “Best Team Mascot”

Wait 'til you see what the ThunderChickens have planned. We’ll definitely have members in Furry Suits with our Team shirt over them. The Mascots, are actually one of the most contended for positions on the team this year. It will be a blast. We will be at The Great Lakes Regional, Motorola Midwest Regional, and Nationals. Good luck with roboting.

Like so many others, our name is and Acronym. DART stands for De Anza Robotics Team.
Our first year we were just De Anza High School (in other words we were not very good at coming up with ideas). We changed it last year, and It’s going to stay.
As for the name of our robots, they change every year, depending on what is on our minds when we choose it’s title. Year One: Mr. Roboto (As in the Styx song that ROCKS!), Second year: BOB, which stood for “Be Our Buddies”, and this year, Hampton, which was chosen after a LONG discussion about the Hamptser Dance Song…

Why not tell our story…

Our team name is Gompei and the H.E.R.D. … Gompei is the unofficial mascot of the school (technically, we’re the “Engineers”)… this is how the story goes…

"On a dark and stormy night in 1898, Gompei, the beloved goat mascot of WPI, was brutally beheaded. His head was bronzed in an act of immortalization; and it is there that his spirit has dwelled. Now, 104 years later, Gompei’s spirit resides within the WPI/Mass Academy FIRST robot!

All goats go to heaven…
Except for Gompei. "

We call our robot Gompei usually… but last year (and this year) we’ve added a twist my morphing him with another animal based on our robot abilities…

Last year it was the “Spidergoat” for our bar crawling legs… this year it is the _____goat for our very cool ______ that you will all see at competition!!

Team 25 Raider Robotix

Our Name is dirived from the schools name the Raiders (which is a bird but really isn’t) and robotix from the fact we are a robotics team but it looks cooler with the X at the end

robotix logo.bmp (123 KB)

robotix logo.bmp (123 KB)

Does anyone know why team 30 is called FURY?

(Im on the team, and still have no idea y):ahh:

Our team name is Optimus Prime, for whatever the reason. Last year our robot name was V3.103 for some odd reason, don’t ask me why. I’ve been trying to get the team name changed to APE (for Arrowhead & Price Engineering) but to no avail. No good stories here.

My old team was the Gila Monsters and that name was decided through many days of hard work. We first chose a number of names based on the fact that we were from Arizona and wanted something that would associate us to our state. So after many ideas we decided on the Gila Monsters due to the fact that our sponsor was General Motors so we though that the name was perfect and it has been.
I am now on a rookie team started by alumni from the Gila Monsters. Our team name is C.R.U.S.H. which stands for constructing robots under severe heat. The name was proposed and liked and that is our name now.